I feel that here in Russia I will be in the best hands  

Stephan Hohnekamp lives in Austria, in Aisenstadt. He is the president of the Austrian Association of Epilepsy patients. He came to Yekaterinburg with his wife Petra for treatments and training.

I have found out about scenar due to my epilepsy. Gerhard Langmann (the director of Scenar-association in Austria, Germany and Switzerland) told me that in Russia they successfully use Scenar technology for epilepsy. I was interested and soon saw the results of Scenar therapy for several children suffering from epilepsy. They were healed by a doctor from Gratz. Their parents are very happy. So I went to the seminar and started to use Scenar in my practice. I treat members of the Association and use Scenar in sport medicine. .

Tell me please about a case from your practice.

I use Scenar with sportsmen for traumas and pain, bruises, straining, dislocations. I used the device with football players, marathoners, swimmers, skiers. Gerhard and I treated a guy, who had severe trauma of Achilles' tendon. After the operation (it was provided by a very good surgeon) he could only make few steps. His ankle was very swollen and painful. Doctors told him that he will be able to walk only in 5-6 months. He is a trainer of our Alpinists, we have treated him and 3 months later he was skiing. This is my story and even I cant believe that Scenar is true. I have a lot of those stories. I never learned Scenar the way they do it here in the centre. I worked with my sixth sense, treated only locally and couldnt explain to my patients how it worked. They used to come to me and say: It hearts here. And I treated there without thinking and never new I could use other zones, a back for a example.

How did you make up your mind to come so far, to Yekaterinburg (Gabi Langmann once said to Siberia where there is snow and bears on the streets) and leave at home three children? What do you expect from this trip ?

The problem is that my epilepsy is aggravating and the last seizure happened when I was driving and resulted into a car crash. Now fits growing more troublesome, I can not concentrate for 3-4 days afterwards, which I have to spend in hospital. I feel that here I will be in the best hands of Scenar technology and my epilepsy will leave me for good. At home I cant spend so much time for treatments, I came for 4 weeks.

Can you say something about the results of treatments here, about your condition and sensations ?

I have been taking pills for my fits for 20 years, but on Monday I have decided to stop. I havent taken a pill and in two weeks time (since I came here) I had only one seizure and I recovered from it easily. My plan is to give up pills and find out what it feels like.

What do you think of our centre, your teacher Ludmila and of qualification of our doctors in general? Can you compare your practice and Russian ?

Ludmila is a very good doctor, she cares about us and helps us, explaining every step of the procedure, every choice of the technique and device setting. Now Im beginning to understand Scenar methodology and philosophy. I will be able to write a book.

What would you wish to Scenar therapists from Europe and America? Is there a difference between trainings in your country and training in our centre where all the teachers learn from the inventors, from the Master of Scenar technology ?

In our countries we learn only basic techniques and get primer skills. And here one can feel, see, realise and imagine how a technique is born, get the answers, discuss everything with teachers. Only here we can get profound experience and expertise in Scenar technology. I know that..

Galina Subbotina

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