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Scenar on the Golden Sands

International conference in Bulgaria in 2003. More than 190 participants from over 19 countries including USA, Netherlands, Cyprus, England, Slovakia, Ireland, Belgium, Austria, Turkey, Canada, Italy, Australia, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine.

Claus Shustereder

Claus Shustereder:
"We need strong roots to stand straight"

Education: Higher, specialized on homeopathy.
Age: 30. Affiliation: surgeon, works in Germany.

I met Galina and Sasha Revenko in Germany two years ago. Of course I didnt believe in scenar though some processes they described reminded me of homeopathy. "Whether you believe it or not, just start working!" advised Sasha.

I did and after the first treatment all my doubts have disappeared when I got results. Im playing trombone in. Once I was on the tour with my orchestra. I lived in hotel room with three musicians. One of them, a famous politician, had horrible back pain for one year. I offered my help and he felt so much better after the treatment he couldnt believe it. You wont believe it but I even felt upset. I realised that Scenar was better than my favourite homeopathy. But one has to work really hard to make a good Scenar therapist. So I started working.

It is not an easy job because each patient demands individual treating pattern. Every piece of new information changes my mentality and world concept as well as the idea of the processes taking place in the human body. I realise how narrow and insufficient were my knowledge. And every seminar shows how far I moved from the start point. But the horizons are so vast. Beyond every report, no matter if it is practical or theoretical, there is a whole stratum of unknown. Im glad Ive met Russian doctors, their brains are really unique. They encourage me in my experiments in combining Scenar and homeopathy (they have the same vector). I know that it takes a serious preparation. Because if your roots are week no matter how fast youre growing youll fall down. We need strong roots to stand straight. And our roots are Pr. Revenkos philosophy and methodology. So the first item on the agenda is the publication of his book.

Steven Coleman with friends

Steven Coleman:
"Im helping people, who are considered to be hopeless!"

Ive been treating paralyzed people with Scenar for four years. Even in the university I was looking for some ways to help those people and I was lucky: one of my professors had been on Zulia Frosts seminar. That path brought me to Scenar. My patients come to see me twice a day. Beside a standard course of treatments I recommend an individual exercise program.

For example, my wife and I have managed to get sufficient results with one patient, ex mountain climber. She had been paralyzed for five years by the moment we met her. Reflexes in her lags were broken, urino-genital functions impaired. About movements she couldnt even dream.

Now she has pressure in her bladder, reflexes are getting better, she even tries to walk using sticks. Tests show she has recovered for 10 percent. And this is not the only case among my patients, mostly sportsmen, paralyzed in result of serious traumas. I treat them with great enthusiasm, and their every step gives me more confidence and faith in absolute power of Scenar.

Gerhard Langmann

Gerhard Langmann: "I believe that
Niko will be playing football again!"

I tend to associate Scenar with a fairy tale like nobody else
When my son was traumatized in a severe car accident, Ive taken him everywhere: Germany, England, France, the USA

But all the doctors used to say the same: youll have to live with it, the spine is cut and dead and the boy is doomed to the wheelchair Still we never gave up. We went to the Valentin Diculs Centre, and heard from Milena from Bratislava about a Scenar-device, which was nearly impossible to get through the Customs. But I was lucky! In Italy, where I went to watch the Football championship, I met a team from Rostov. They brought a device and a blanket.

I got very enthusiastic and decided to find out about Scenar as much as I could. The manual in Russian wasnt very helpful. So when I heard that James Colhast had been working with Scenar in England, I called him and asked to send me a manual in English. Now I understand that he was right when he told me that I had to come to his seminar. He said that giving me Scenar without training would be the same as to give me a scalpel. So I went to the seminar and in the first break I arranged a trip to Yekaterinburg. Revenko treated Niko because it was a very difficult case. Now my son is crawling and feels when he needs to go to the loo though he can not control it yet. But this is already a major step forward and I believe, I know that he will be playing football again


I met Scenar four years ago and my whole life has changed ever since. I couldnt even imagine that I would be promoting Scenar first in Austria and Germany and now in Switzerland. For the first time in my life Im doing something serious, important and responsible and enjoy it every single day! Because Scenar therapists call me every day to tell me about their success and those stories sound like fairy tales with happy endings!

SCENAR. Magazine For You 1(9) 2004.
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