Chris Motensen: "I realised immediately
that Scenar is my vocation, all my life"

Chris Motensen

Education: Psychiatry Doctor
Working experience: 3 years
Residence: Australia

Address: PO BOX 859 Newport 2106 AUSTRALIA
Fax: +61-2-9999-4272

Motto: "The most important thing
in our life is what happens now"


- What has to happen to make a successful surfing trainer and experienced massager live everything behind for a small device named Scenar? What happened to you than, three years ago ?

- You know, I thought that I had a good life. I always liked sport and after the graduation I started working with sportsmen. For nine years of working as a massager and manual therapist I treated people with serious traumas and wounds. Of course I wanted to help everybody, kept looking for new information and found an advertisement about Scenar. I searched the Internet to find out more and when I saw and tried the device I realised straight away: "This is it!"

- Well, it�s a little hard to believe in this "straight away" �

- It�s like the first love. We get an experience whether it�s good or bad. My first patient was a ten years old girl with horrible scoliosis. When her back became strait in eight weeks of treatment it was a fairy tale, a miracle. I had no experience with Scenar at that moment! I could hardly believe it myself but the x-ray proved that Cinderella turned into a princess.

This case became very famous. More and more patients w ere coming, people started calling and arriving from other countries. It was a dramatic moment: I gave up massage and manual therapy, studied all levels of Scenar therapy in Sidney and England, founded a small Scenar centre with studies. Now I believe that Scenar is my vocation, a dream came true, my life. You are not going to believe it but sometimes I see Scenar in my dreams.

- Did you give up massage intently?

- It just happens that people coming to me want Scenar treatments instead of massage. Everything happened so fast. I�ve started working with back pain, and then turned to more serious cases. And the licence gave us a chance to get into "high" medicine, start multiple research. Doctors start using Scenar in hospitals in Australia.

- Do you work a lot ?

- Five days a week, ten to twelve hours a day. It means I have about ten patients a day.

- Do you treat everybody ?

- Of course. All they have to do is to come and say: �I have pain.� Pain (emotional or physical) is like a big umbrella. If it�s open than the person needs help. And I know how.

- Why did you come to this conference in Odessa?

- Well, first of all I wanted to find out about Scenar development in other countries. Secondly, I was desperately wanted to meet Sasha and Galina

- Why did you think you need to meet them?

- If you think we don�t here about them in Australia, you shouldn�t. Besides I�m really interested in discussing techniques on the web site� So I couldn�t miss it.

- What question would you like to ask Sasha?

- I already did, actually. I wanted to find out about one technique. How he invents them anyway. Sasha impressed me with his profound knowledge and answered my question brilliantly on the Master-class. I�m very happy.

- Chris, you look very excited� Are you actually happy?

- Oh, yes! When I teach Scenar-technology in Australia people keep asking me: "Where did this come from? Where did that come from?" and now I can say I know that for sure instead of mumbling: "Well, the Russians have been doing it this way for twenty years" I know! I saw it! By the way when I come back from Odessa I�ll be teaching a group of twenty people. It is the biggest class I�ve ever had. It is obvious people get more and more interested in Scenar.

- Who are your students?

- Massagers, therapists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, nurses, gynaecologist, and one man, who is paralyzed down the waist. He is going to help himself with Scenar.

- Are you an optimist ?

- Yes, I am. It is a gift, so I must and will promote Scenar. No matter how difficult things become sometimes, I cheer up and keep working. But if someone told me that three years ago - I would�ve laughed.

- How did your family and friends take it ?

- My mother had breasts cancer three years ago. Thanks to Scenar she did need surgery.

- Did you treat her yourself ?

- Me, Scenar and Blanket. And we managed! And my father got rid of joint ache and now they are 75 and travelling, though they couldn�t do it before because of health problems. My children come from school and ask me what is aspirin (Chris has two boy of 9 and 12.)

- What advice can you give to Scenar beginners ?

- I�m a beginner myself but I always tell to people: "Just work. Results will come in their time. You have to learn". In one interview with Revenko I read that it takes at least two years to understand how Scenar works with the body. Now I came to realise that it was true. So I want Sasha to say that again in Australia. We are going to invite him and Galina this spring.


- You say that the most important thing in life is what happens here and now.

- Well, the best thing I�ve learned from Scenar was to live here and now. "Now" is important.

- How do you find Ukraine ?

- This is my first visit. In two words: a cultural shock !

Interview Was taken By Helen Golovanova

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