“Practical and theoretical aspects of SCENAR therapy of common
types of pain” 2008 UK Conference on SCENAR Academy
by the inventor of SCENAR medicine prof. Alexandr Revenko
Conference Invitation :: UK, Essex, 9-10 December 2008

SCENAR Academy by the inventor of SCENAR medicine prof. Alexandr Revenko, is pleased to invite you to its 2008 UK Conference on the SCENAR therapy of common types of pain , to be held in Sussex on 9-10 December 2008.

The 2008 UK Conference is organized by the Russian SCENAR Academy.

The 2008 UK Conference features parallel panel sessions and workshops. Professor A.Revenko gives you theoretical materials of all types of pain “from A to Z” and show you all materials treating real patients with pain. During treatment sessions he explain every step of SCENAR procedure and it will give more confidence, more knowledge and more understanding of SCENAR therapy.

Pre-registration Policy

In order to facilitate our planning, we request participants to pre-register through fax or email. We ask all participants to send a registration fee upon registration. Registration at the conference venue is possible;

Thematic Outline

The 2008 UK Conference aims to bring together new and innovative research — in particular with an empirical emphasis — that indicates possible pathways for the successful practice of SCENAR therapy processes, addressing

1. History: historical views of pain

2. Clarification on the use of certain pain – related terms: Philosophy of pain, nociception, types of pain, energy-informational understanding of pain

3. Mechanisms: of nociception, neuropathic, central, psychogenic pain, somatic, visceral pain, theory of gate control

4. Diagnosis: acute and chronic pain

5. Management of different types of pain: algorithm of SCENAR treatment, new and special methods,
6. Special cases: practical workshop with real patients

Additional information

can be found on these website, including the full conference program as well as information sheets on the conference venue, hotels nearby, travel and London tourism.

If there is anything else you would like to ask or suggest, please do not hesitate to contact:

Debra Graham, Manager, 2008 UK Conference

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Romford Road, Chigwell,
Essex. IG7 4QW

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