Education in SCENAR Academy

SCENAR Academy by professor A. Revenko has many different training programs.

Here you can see the list of topics we can bring to your clinic and practice, each one tailored to your unique needs.

We can also create all new, totally customized training at your request.

New seminars 2012

Special protocols for SCENAR self-treatments

  • Main principles to build and choose: zones, electrodes and methods for self-treatments.
  • Special protocols to treat cold, flu, CFS, spine pain, migraine.
  • Special protocols: stars, crosses, rainbow, different types of 3P6P, face methods,
    Mary and Michle (many different positions and zones), Du-Mai and Ren-Mai protocols.
  • Diag-5 for self-treatment.

Abdomen pain from neurological view

  • Neurological understanding of digestive anatomy and abdomen pain,
  • abdomen is a second brain and metasympathetic system, reasons and types of abdomen pain,
  • TC about digestive system, special protocols to treat all types of abdomen pain
    (cleansing, spirals, chakras, meridians, stars, rhombus, vaccinations, 8 lines, pyramids).

SCENAR support for stroke patients

  • Brain circulation, Stroke, classification, main symptoms
  • Simple neurology examination of stroke patients for SCENAR practitioners
  • New general zones
  • New rules for external electrodes
  • Special local stroke zones
  • Special energy methods
  • How to use Diag-5 treating stroke patients
  • Special and new methods for blanket and bandage

SCENAR therapy of depression

  • Classification and the symptoms of mental disorders
  • Different scales of depression
  • Bioenergy of depression
  • Postures and body symptoms in SCT
  • SCT by A.Lowen, special algorithm
  • Meridian SCT
  • SCENAR-Auriculotherapy with specail electrodes clips
  • Mental protocols
  • 7 levels SCENAR protocol by R.Shankaran

New seminars 2011

Child pain

  • Children pain causes
  • Infants and toddlers pain
  • Different pain scales in pediatrics
  • Abdominal pain
  • Chest pain
  • Back and neck pain
  • Growing pain
  • Joints pain
  • Ear pain
  • Cancer pain

Neurological pain

  • Classification of neurological pain
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Strangulation pain (tunnel syndrome, 4-th plantar nerve)
  • Trigeminal neuralgia
  • Meninges pain
  • Musculus psoas syndrome
  • Syndrome spine artery
  • Ganglionitis
  • Headaches
  • Lumbago

Cosmetology for home users and home SCENARs

  • Special modes
  • Special programs to treat:
  • Obesity
  • Cellululitis
  • Scars
  • Hair and nails problems
  • Acne
  • Rejuvenation SCT
  • Lifting SCT

SCENAR in gynecology

  • Gynecology subject
  • Woman anatomy and physiology
  • Special algorithm to treat fibroids, endometriosis, myoma, infertility, menopause symptoms, osteoporosis
  • Rejuvenation SCENAR program

SCENAR and quantum medicine

  • Basic of energy medicine (Global scaling, quantum physics, epigenetic)
  • Quantum physics from Einstein to David Bhom
  • Matter and vacuum in quantum physics
  • Observe effect in quantum physics
  • Local universe in medicine
  • Zero Point Energy
  • Information
  • Intranets of body
  • SCENAR therapy

New topics in 2009 - 2010

  • SCENAR therapy of pain and stress
  • Design of SCENAR course
  • SCENAR neurology (for CNS, PNS and ANS disorders)
  • SCENAR in gerontology
  • Preventive SCENAR therapy
  • SCENAR sport therapy
  • SCENAR therapy of Big Ten
  • SCENAR 911
  • SCENAR - vet

New Workshops:

1. SCENAR 911:

  • History of first aid, emergency and paramedicine
  • Golden hours and stages of SCT, special settings and time of SCT
  • Life points
  • Heart and breath points
  • Burn first aid
  • Unconsciousness first aid
  • Epileptic first aid
  • Trauma first aid
  • Hyperthermia SCT

2. SCENAR vet:

  • Anatomy and physiology for medical doctors
  • Holistic vet
  • SCT of: back pain, colitis, heart disorders, joint problems, kidney diseases, paralysis, skin problems

3. Combination of SCENAR and SPA in cosmetology:

  • Term SPA, history
  • SPA factors: balneology, massage, peloid, bath salt, stone therapy, flowers therapy, UVT in combination with SCT

4. SCENAR in sport medicine:

  • SCENAR experience in sport medicine
  • Classification of sport injuries
  • SCT of acute and chronic injuries: fracture; muscle pain, spasm and cramps; tendonitis (carpal syndrome, tennis elbow, ACL; head injury; back injury

5. Electrodes in SCT, special protocols:

  • Classification of external electrodes in SCT
  • Protocols for mushrooms
  • Protocols for multi and point electrodes
  • Special protocols for children
  • Protocols for face and small comb
  • Protocols for big comb
  • Protocols for rectum and vaginal electrodes
  • Protocols for patches

6.SCT of scoliosis:

  • Diagnostics of scoliosis
  • SCENAR experience
  • Examination, special points of examination
  • Special protocols: 2 triangles, Dynamic wings, Pyramid, Parabertebral horizontals, Force lines

7.SCENAR stress management:

  • Definition and original terminology
  • Stress stages
  • Algorithm of STRESS management: alarm points, sole treatment, energy methods, mental methods, ANS methods

Here are some of our more popular topics

Level 1. "Beginning course"

- New medical technology - SCENAR therapy

        - Holistic principles of SCENAR therapy

        - Physics - impulse peculiarities

        - Device (basics: structure, on/off, basic setting, Energy)

        - Principles

    1. Here and now
            2. Zones and regimes of influence
            (local, reciprocal, segmental, horizontal, general)
            3. Vector
            4. Dynamic (stability)
            5. Asymmetry small asymmetry
            6. Combination and alternation
            7. Opposition and cycle
            8. Optimization and economy

- Patient responses

- Blanket

Level 2. "Beginning course"

- Settings
           a) Energy level
           b) Frequency
           c) Amplitude Modulation
           d) Damphing
           e) Intensity + Gap
           f) Combinations: FM, SW, FM/Var
           g) BEE
           h) Diag 1 - IR, DR, Dose, Speed, Zero, Co-efficiency

- General zones
            a) Types and routes (parts)
            b) Vector of influence
            c) Principle higher

- Zones of common complaints
             Neck Rings
             Small Wings
             Christmas tree
             Kidney/ureter zone
             Heart zone

- Emergency principles in SCT

Level 3. "Advance level"

- Holistic Medicine

- Healing principles of holistic medicine

- Healing rules (Hering, Vithoulkas, Reckeweg)

- Holographic principles

- Energy/Informational methods

- Informational Cleansing

- Small / large crosses

- Running wave

- Spirals and Chakras therapy

- Meridians methods

- Vaccination

- Anti Pain methods

Level 4. "Digital methods"

- On general zones
             All higher
             Horizontal Troika
             Measure of reaction
             SCENAR rules

- On Local zones:
             Small cross
             Simple 3s

Level 5. "Master Class, 1-st level"

  • Philosophy of information medicine;
  • Evolution of information and functional systems;
  • Philosophy of Function - pathological systems (FPS);
  • Evidences, particularities of the choice and tactics of the performing the digital methods:


-Mary and Michle,


- British flag,


- Steering wheel,

-Sympathetic and Parasympathetic vaccinations,

-Elena, Saint Elena,

-Multi-Color Sympathicus,





Level 6. "Master Class, 2-nd level"

  • Symbols and symbolism in SCENAR therapy.
  • The Methods (Principles; Strategies; Methodologies):

-    Accord

-    Pyramid

-    Kundalini

-    Triple Cross

-    Opposition

-    Power Triangles

-    Limb Stars

-    Penetrate Monad

-    Snake Rings

-    David Stars

-    Scale

-    World of Silence

-    Harmony of soul

  • New look at the "old" methods (principles; strategies; methodologies)
  • Personalization of SCENAR procedure

The Course "RISTA-diagnostics in SCENAR-therapy"

  • Method Nakatani, history of the method, concept of Riodoraku - lines;
  • Mechanisms of RISTA measurement;
  • Concepts of meridian, their features, clinical symptoms;
  • 7 principles of the diagnostics of meridian;
  • Normal indications in RISTA diagnostics;
  • The Schemes of the conclusions on meridians;
  • Models of TCM (Chi, Chgan and Phu organs, Yin - Yang, U Sin
  • Principles of TCM in SCENAR therapy (along circle of the circulations to energy, Lo and Shu points, along LMM);
  • Rules of the choice of meridian for treatment: methods of the processing meridian, using outside electrodes;
  • Codes for SCENAR therapy;
  • Visualization of dynamics in SCENAR therapy using RISTA maps;
  • Using RISTA maps for home users of SCENAR devices (the schemes of recommendations).

Cosmetology course

  • Subject to dermatology (acne, warts, blisters, spots),
  • Dermo-cosmetology and esthetic medicine;
  • Anti-age program;
  • Anti - cellulitis program;
  • Methods of the reduction of the overweight;
  • Rejuvination SCENAR therapy
  • SCENAR lifting (face, limbs, breast, buttocks);
  • SCENAR therapy of hair and nails disorders;
  • SCENAR therapy of scars;
  • The place of SCENAR therapy in plastic surgery

"SCENAR therapy of different types of pain"

-    history, philosophy, scientific notions to pain

-    orthodox and alternative aspects of pain;

-    development of the scientific studies to pain;

-    different types of pain;

-    Principles of the designing of SCENAR procedure of pain

-    Special anti pain methods at treatment:
                Carpal syndrome
                Tennis elbow
                Frozen shoulder
                Disk Hernia
                Myo-fascial pain
                Heart pain

-Anti-stress program

- Education through practice.

"Designing and planning of SCENAR course" ("Design of SCENAR course")

1. Concepts of energy - information medicine: health, adaptation, disease, healing laws

2. Principles of the building and designing of the procedures during SCENAR course: sequence of the choice of the methods following healing rules and hierarchy principles

3. Groups of the methods:

- drainage methods (cleaning methods, lymph drainage, excretion organ projection

- energy methods (meridians treatment, chakras methods, energy points, joints treatment, Kundalini methods)

- mental methods (craniotherapy, 6 points, monad method, mental triangles, mental spirals, 6 Points on the face and on the abdomen)

-adaptation system methods

- local treatments (new approach)

4.Princeples of the end of SCENAR course (energy ellipses , daily energy method, vaccinations)

5. Groups of the methods according theories of U-Sin, Yin - Yang, Rhythm, Daily energy flow

6. The Styles of decision making and designing of SCENAR procedures.

7. Education through practice

SCENAR neurology course

  • Construction and functions of nerve system
  • Simple neurology tests
  • Special neurology methods for CNS:
            -Parkinson methods (CNS Accords)
            -Alzheimers disease (Twin squares, Galina on a face)
            -Stroke methods (6 Points of the face and on the abdomen)
            -High cranial pressure methods (faces stars)
            -MS methods (Reciprocate chakras method, 3Pathways with mushrooms)
            -Myelopathy methods (Delane Pyramid)
  • Special neurology methods for ANS:
           -Migraine methods (Top, 5 Points on the face, Square on the face
           -Diencephalon syndrome treatment (Chakras pairs)
           -Ganglionitis treatments (Kudu Khaya stars)
           -Dis-tonia methods (New Wings)
           -Raynauds disease methods (Muscle lines, 3 Lines on the limbs)
  • Special neurology methods for PNS:
    -Plexitis treatments (Meridians methods)
    -Nevritis treatments (Rings troikas, Limb stars, 5 directions by Fudzito)
    -Radiculitis treatments (Lower back nines, methods with rectal electrode)
    -Cranial nerves methods("Caretaker", Facial lines)
    -Spondylosis treatments (Lines of the force).