About SCENAR Academy

Registration number 8080 of March 04, 2005

The foundation of the Scenar-Academy in Moscow in March 2005 became a new stage in the international development of a new medical technology ? Scenar therapy, created by Alexander Revenko and Yuri Gorfinkel. The International Academy of Scenar therapy was established to form a united scientific and practical field for the association of Scenar practitioners, to start active cooperation of universities, scientific and healing centers, to enforce and harmonize international relations.

Pr. Alexander Nickolaevich Revenko (Russia) ? the founder of the Scenar Academy ? is also a professor, the creator of the medical technology Scenar therapy, the author of the teaching programs of Scenar therapy and a semi-volume manual for Scenar therapy, co-author of patents for Scenar and Rista devices, a neurologist, reflexology, acupuncture, physiotherapy specialist, the founder and the chief editor of a ?Scenar for you? magazine.

Main trends to activity to Academy

  • To learn to method SCENAR Therapy on program, created in Academy, confirmed and coordinated by Ministry of Health of Rassuian Federation, Moscow Medical Academy by I.M. Sechenov (the departament of non-drug methods of the treatment and clinical physiology) in 2002. To organize and undertake all levels of SCENAR seminars;

  • To support and lead SCENAR centres, Academies, practices, enterprise, to help in organization of seminar, consultation, presentation;

  • Consulting work in clinics in Moscow, S.Peterburg, Ekaterinburg, Europe, America, Australia, South Africa, Kenia;

  • Scientific work. Methodical governing the medical direction in company OKB RHYTHM (Taganrog) - a producer of SCENAR and RISTA devices; The Participation in scientific conferences, congresses and symposiums;

  • Publishing the special literature, making the computer programs, development and improvement of devices applicable in SCENAR therapy;

  • The Realization of the medical equipment on SCENAR therapy (in a set of the bought technology enter: Manual of SCENAR-therapy of the author and creator of the method A.REVENKO, training seminar on CD in format Power Point for the each type of the gained instrument, warranty, servicing, constant support on questions of the treatment, diagnosticses, recovery and preventive maintenances.

For time of existence training centre on SCENAR-therapy:

1. It Is Prepared over 20 thousand specialist in the field of SCENAR-therapy on seminars, conducted in the following cities and countries:

  • Russia (Taganrog, Moscow, S.Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Rostov on Don, N.Novgorod, Tomsk, Sochi, Chita, Perm, Archangelsk, Rybinsk, Voronezsh);

  • The Ukraine (Odessa, Kiev, Uzhgorod);

  • The Armenia (Erevan);

  • Kazakhstan (Almata, Shymkent);

  • Europe (Vilnius, London, Vienna, Graz, Zalzburg, Augsburg, Berlin, Baden-Baden, Flissingen, Plovdiv, Zurich, Palm de Mayorca, Lyublyana, Dublin);

  • Australia (Sydney);

  • America (Nassau, Grand Repids, New York);

  • Canada (Toronto, Creek British Columbia);

  • Africa (Johannesburg, Keyp Town, Nairobi).

2. They Are Organized and work the most largest centres in Germany (SCENAR-Academy Doychland), Austria (Enerbalance), Switzerland (Swiss- SCENAR), UK (International Assotiation SCENAR-therapists- ISTA), Ireland (the Assotiation of SCENAR-therapists to Ireland), Bulgaria (Bulgaria SCENAR), Holland (Ritmedic), Australia (the Rhythm SCENAR) , America (SCENAR Tronics), Turkey (SCENAR-centre), Slovakia (Slovakia-SCENAR), Canada (the Centre Medicine of 21-st century), Trinidad and Tabago (the Centre Joan Patric), Africa (SCENAR - South Africa).

3. Hundreds of thousands patients were treated in clinics, centres and practices.