Other Products of OKB "RHYTHM"




The complex of hardware and method-based software based on the computer stabilography is intended for diagnosing human body equilibrium disorders and locomotor pathologies, treating motor coordination disorders, as well as for carrying out occupational selection and pre-route and post-route check of people employed in transport-related occupations.


Fields of Application:

Stabiloanalyzer includes

Stabilography development in ZAO "OKB "RITM" has a long rich history and contributed to creative relations and ties establishing.




INTEX is an individual trainer for correction of emotional state and for rise of steadiness for stress factors. Experimental models.








Echo - monocanal, portable audiometers of air conductivity intended for screening audiometry , definition of human audiometry thresholds. Diapason of frequencies - 125….800 Hz. Intensity of signal - 10…+80 dB. Experimental models.







Computerization of thermovision systems including the following models of infra-red cameras – "Radouga MT", "Radouga-2", "Radouga-4", "Radouga-5". Computerization of USI-device that user has, including import variants. Receiving, processing and keeping of USI picture; patients’ card index-keeping. Delivery of USI on request of client.



CLF-16-X - microprocessor counter of leucocytes formula (specialized calculator) for calculation to 16 kinds of blood cells with accumulation in memory from 7 to 100 analysis for 100 (200) total units. It provides the conservation of information fixed in memory when the feed is switched off.