Diagnostic complex "RISTA"



The hardware-software reflexodiagnostic complex raises the efficiency of the SCENAR-therapists’ work and helps to minimize the time of treatment. The “Rista-EPD” complex provides the diagnostics of disorders of vital body functions by the conductivity values of biologically active points, localization of optimal reflexogenic zones for treatment of the detected disorders using SCENAR-therapy and treatment goal achievement monitoring.



The complex helps a doctor:


To detect the beginning of the disease at the stage of functional disorders and to localize treatment zones on skin for pathology prophylaxis;


To obtain objective information about the patient’s condition and localize treatment zones on skin for treatment and rehabilitation;


To detect organ injuries and tissue damages at the initial stage of their development using the combination of the Nakatani’s method, Vall’s method and auriculodiagnostics and localize skin areas to remove the detected damages and injuries;


To obtain objective information about the state of a patient in ambiguous clinical situations in order to form a list of minimum additional examination procedures required for detecting leading and concomitant diseases;


To objectively monitor the achievement of prophylaxis, treatment and rehabilitation goals.


The values are recorded and processed according to the method stated in the international application PCT / RU99 / 00456 “Method of systemic diagnostics of the condition of a patient’s organism based on the characteristics of biologically active points and device thereof” and the Patent of the Russian Federation for the invention ¹2211660 “The device for diagnosing a patient’s state using biologically active point characteristics”.

A complete delivery set of the “Rista–EPD” complex includes method-based software recorded on a CD and an input-output unit with a set of connecting cables and electrodes. To use the “Rista-EPD” complex in a stationary variant you need a typically equipped PC with Windows 95, 98, XP, NT, 2000 or 2003 preinstalled and a laser or inkjet printer to print examination data and pictures with treatment zones; in a mobile variant you need a Note Book computer with similar characteristics. A computer and a printer are not included as the components of a complete delivery set. They can be purchased by a customer independently or by ZAO “OKB RITM” at market prices.

The complex can be completed with optional equipment such as a pocket PC Casio Cassiopea BE 300 at an additional cost. Possible integration: Rista-EPDm plus Rista-EPD’s method-based software on a CD (Asked price). Rista is a registered trademark of ZAO "OKB RITM" Registration certificate ¹ 29/23031096/0328-00 Conformance certificate ¹ POCC RU.IMO2.BO9437