Careful � there are malfunctioning copies of SCENAR

It is no secret that today internet trade in the world is big business. It is already possible to buy everything: from cars and sailboats to books and domestic appliances on the internet.

The virtual seller doesn�t necessarily need: a high-priced lease, staff, a manager, guards, exhibition of goods, to undertake clinical tests, or meetings. They need only a storehouse, web-master, telephone consultant and a delivery service.

It is more comfortable for clients as well: he is familiar with the computer and internet procedure, he has filled the small form and within the following days the necessary goods hopefully arrive, most of the time this works well, but not always.

Nearly, every third consumer suffers from a careless "remote seller". How? This is simple to explain. The Buyer has ordered some home appliance, for example, through the worldwide web, they have sent the cash, and the courier has arrived with the order and the warranty coupon. A fortnight later, this home appliance is broken (or in the case of a SCENAR, it does not cure, as it is written in the manual), and the buyer needs to resolve the problem. But many internet shops disappear, and it could be that the service centre cannot help either because the buyer received a false warranty coupon. The buyer could not even present a claim for faulty goods. This is only one type of internet fraudster. There is, for instance, a wide-spread, selling of medical tablets. According to the presented UNO data, this "electronic market" doubles in size practically every year! From information of the international commission on narcotic drugs, tablets such as sleeping pills, powerful anti-depressants, as well as Viagra are sold on the internet. Naturally, internet drugstores do not feel compelled to inform their own buyers, advertising only its positives and hiding its defects.

American - Marks Kolovich, who was unlawfully involved with spreading Viagra through the network with their own internet shop for six years, offered Viagra to anybody who wanted it, without prescription and with anonymity. Without a license for import and trade, he has caused harm to many men. But justice has triumphed; the fraudster was detained and was put behind bars.

The same occurs in the world of the SCENAR business. Selling SCENARs is complicated. The serious people have untwisted the business, conducted clinical tests, organized the exhibitions and conferences, conducted the consultations, educated, written the books, and worked with the buyer. But then "clever" young men appear, do the site, organize the telephone and delivery and you can then buy "SCENAR" with a lower price. Getting the SCENAR with a low price in an Internet shop certainly, does not worry the buyer, but a more important issue for them should be that they are SURE that this present SCENAR is from a producer that has put it through all the stages of production, with tuning and certification. But this is a time to understand the answer to the main question - why is the price lower, than from the official representative? It is simply that SCENARs in Internet shops can be "left" i.e. in the manufacture of the instrument, the last and the most important stage of the tuning which only a few people know, has been avoided, We have meet such devices increasingly more often on our seminars in the hands of our students. The same pseudo devices, �Internet SCENARs� do not have the necessary parameters of energy, mode of diagnostics, correct and exact mode of AM and Intensities and etc. The dishonorable people, "pirates", who deliver the same goods, additionally reduce the motivation of the producers and representatives to work and improve products. So pirates harm, first of all the customers, they help dishonest people, waiting, when will appear next product to broken, to open or to stolen novelty to impound soon it for 100 dollars.

Sadly it is difficult to determine the authenticity SCENAR device without specialist knowledge which is difficult to obtain, and the user will get disillusioned and feel perplexed as to �why my device does not work as well as Marina�s� for instance, (since Marina has bought original SCENAR from the official representative).

In addition people buy SCENAR most often, when they are troubled with a health problem, and they entrust great hopes in SCENAR. So do not spare on yourself and your health, be reasonable, this is not a camera, or a watch, this is a serious medical device.