SCENARís in Internet - Carefully! The Forgery!

At one time, in distant of old time, gaining expensive instrument SCENAR, packed in simple leader slip cover, buyer, on all 100% nearly, could be certain that it is got really original product from OCB Rhythm. In that time, SCENAR forgeries in general did not exist. But, time goes, everything are changed. It Is Changed and equipment beside manufacturers of the forgeries. Together with equipment is changed and accuracy, with which they copy usually cheap SCENAR. Certainly to make the forgeries it is necessary to try. And they try. And for present-day, buying SCENARís, does not follow to be sure of authenticity of the gained product, but follows in this make sure.

And so, why need the forgeries?  Let's expect that I created the new instrument and has solved to promote it on the market. In this case me, aside from its fabrications, come to enclose not small efforts to prove the buyer that my product competitive. But, I want to earn quickly, not occupying itself every sort and kind of competitive fight. In this case, most simple for me output, will be a fabrication, on available production power, true copy some known and dear brand (in our event this is SCENAR). Naturally that, entered in sale and being true copy of the original, my SCENAR, certainly, will is sold and problems with marketing will not appear. But, unlike producer of the original, I there is no need to "keep the mark" and keep a check on quality produced to product. Possible produce that is pleased, keeping only resemblance external and at all not taking care of entrails. Will Thereof be born the thought that, replaceable guts on more cheap, possible get much greater profit. And not trouble that faulty interface will come out of building much earlier prescribed original. Not trouble and buttons, which conk because of installed by me the cheap micro-switch. I can put other chip? So what? It doesnít matter for me, how accuracy of the measurement of the features to feedback? This care of the user, but for me main quickly to sell my creation and get most profit. Here is so-that!

Well but now, let's go to concrete example. The Concrete example of the forgeries, in this material, will be an SCENAR CHENS, sold through Internet shops and sites. To my great regret, today, exactly Internet is infested forgery of these models and under full external resemblance of the packing, more probable buying the shoddy forgery, instead of desired original from OCB Rhythm. The most complex in description of the forgeries to protect the buyer, external resemblance and seamingly absolutely identical functioning SCENAR.

That outside? It is Necessary to pay tribute modern manufacturer of the forgeries. Outwardly their product practically cannot be identified from original and inexperienced buyer will much it is difficult to notice the difference. But, differences there is, and if attentively look to question of the buying, that possible avoid aquisition of the forgery not even opened device itself.

That inwardly? It goes without saying that main rate to producers of the forgeries do on external resemblance of its product with original. Take care of internal resemblance there is no need to, since, probability that that, gaining SCENAR, buyer will try to open it, extremely small. But if you will open the device, that see the difference of the original and forgeries on power only specialist. Even on beginning results using will be not bad. The Problems start later on measure of the accumulation of the experience and comparisons their own result with published.

They Are Prevented! And so, shall expect, you want to gain original adjusted, corresponding to patent device SCENAR and guarantee secure itself from buying the forgery. You want to spare the money and have solved to buy SCENAR through Internet. And that? What define that for SCENAR offers you seller? Here is right here, I hope, you will help several my recommendations.

Here is such recommendations

Do not believe to new active and careless sellers, which break the copyrights, copying not only device, but placing on their own site whole training and printed material, placing photographs, not belonging to them.

For instance:
Pavel Maslennikov ( and ).
Or here is a copier of all our training material Hash ( ),
Other ďrepresentativersĒ: , , ,

In any event, under any method of the revealing the forgery, I sincerely hope that, eventually, you will gain original SCENAR, madding in Taganroge, OCB Rhythm and passed via Department of technical control, not getting of cunning intrigues of the manufacturers of the forgeries.

Good luck to you!