We say Revenko - we mean SCENAR

Galina Subbotina:
We say Revenko - we mean SCENAR,
or Stories about Sasha as told by his friends

This book is about life and destiny of the greatest scientist, developer of the new tendency in medicine, author of unique technology SCENAR therapy, Professor Alexander N. Revenko.

Book edited by his colleague and wife Galina Subbotina and it is based on real stories told by his patients, friends and colleagues. Book contents materials of different authors in alphabetic or status related order or in order of us receiving their story. The order is also been commanded to us from above!

Book publishes stories of 104 authors from 28 countries worldwide and contains 387 photographs from personal archives of Galina Subbotina, friends and colleagues of Revenko or from treasure chest of publishing house Philantropist, that is in business with Moscow SCENAR Academy for almost 20 years.

This book would be of great interest to everyone who is passionate about new medical technologies and is still searching for a way to harmony and health. It will allow you to open the curtain of modern secrets and to forget your fears of orthodox medicine.

In this truly unique book real stories of miracles told by the most difficult, challenging patients, who often lost any hope. Please believe in magic of your endless body`s abilities to heal itself with Revenko`s protocols and techniques, that are successfully used for over 20 years worldwide.

Reading this book, you will find out how real people, having found SCENAR therapy and practising all-over-the-world Doctor, have cured themselves and have improved their life quality once and for all.

The book is based on actual facts! Not one single story was made up! Special charm is archived by Galina`s kind and warm comments, Galina, who united everybody in the World whom love and respect Alexander! Recommended to everyone!

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