Seminars for Trainers of SCENAR Academy

So thank you for the wonderful material you gave us, I really enjoyed teaching it and it is so good that apart from the questions above I understand everything now�.even the physics!!!

I did some training with some patients who bought a home device today and It went so well. I feel so much more confident now explaining how SCENAR works and the principals and settings, I really feel different since our trainer training and it gets better every day so thank you so much for your special gift of SCENAR knowledge!

I feel good about the new presentation (level 1 and 2), which we studied in our traine training. I am excited about my first mission as a Revenko teacher!!

SCENAR Academy by prof. A. Revenko has declared about regularly trainings for teachers of SCENAR therapy to improve the quality of education and to increase the responsibility about conducting SCENAR seminars. Purposes of these seminar are:

1.unification and standardization of Classical training programs on SCENAR therapy. These programs were designed by founders of SCENAR medicine and by the department of non-drug methods of the treatment of the Moscow Medical Academy by Sechenov and was confirmed by Ministry of Health Care of Russian Federation. (Our program You may see on our page "Program of the education in SCENAR Academy").

2.certification of teachers with issue corresponding to Certificate about authority of the trainer of SCENAR Academy by prof. A. Revenko and Passport of International SCENAR education with stamp of the Academy and signature of professor A. Revenko.

Here is a photo of a sample of Certificate and Passport:

The First seminar training for teachers took place in 2006 - 2007 in German SCENAR Academy,
whose teachers conduct the education seminars of 1 and 2 levels on Classical program of SCENAR Academy by prof. A. Revenko.

The Participants receive Certificates of German SCENAR Academy with signature of prof.A. Revenko and Dr. Subbotina. The Program and curriculum in German SCENAR Academy are accepted by Doctor�s Camera as Extension course for medical doctors. At present our program is discussed and adapted for teaching like a subject of SCENAR therapy on the Department of Complimentary medicine of the Medical University in Frankfurt on Mine. (the head of the chair is professor Schroeder).
Here you may see and read the names of certified teachers of German SCENAR Academy.

Certificated medical doctors:

Christian Engelbert
Ulrich Scherer
Gerd Raetzel
Siddhartha Popat
Susanne Lukas
Gerbert Untner

For contact with teacher, please, address:

The Second seminar training for English speaking teachers took place in August 2008 in Switzerland.

The Certification exam has passed and have obtained the teaching right of 1, 2 and 3 levels Classical SCENAR programs:

3 certificated medical doctors:

Dr.Marieta Zeleva, Bulgaria,
Dr.Vasil Stanchev, Bulgaria,
Dr.Hans Bruendler, Switzerland -

Also few distributors of OCB Rhythm received certificates of SCENAR Academy trainers:

Chris Mortensen, Cyril Bourke and Vincent Australia,
Errol Shardelow, Canada,
Gill Hilcove, South Africa,
Galy Erikson, USA,
Rick Carleton, USA,

The Third seminar training for Russian-speaking teachers took place in Crimea at March 2009.

The Certification exam has passed and have obtained the teaching right of 1, 2 and 3 levels with issue corresponding to Certificate and Passport of SCENAR Academy following medical doctors:

Dr. Okisheva Tatiyana, Ekaterinburg,
Dr. Kuznetsova Nadezhda, Izhevsk,
Dr. Bayalbaeva Anapiya, Kazakhstan,
Dr. Loyko Nataliay, Ukraine, Zaporozhie,

And two European doctors received the rights of conducting SCENAR seminars:

Dr. Grigorieva Tatiyana, Sloveniya, Lyublyana,
Dr. Sabova Nataliya, Slovakia, Bratislava, 

The Distributors of OCB Rhythm have got certificationfor undertaking the initial education selling SCENAR and RISTA devices:

Baranzeva Lubov, Autonomous Republic of Crimea,
Sorochkina Tatiyana, Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk,
Rubanovsky Leonid, Ukraine, Kiev

Conducting SCENAR seminars in Texas, USA in April 2009, two medical doctors were certified by prof.A.Revenko and were given the rights:

Dr. Irina Akopova PhD, USA,
Dr.Vera Karpova, USA,

The Fourth seminar for trainers takes a place in Great Britain in June 2009.

Information of seminar and trainers will be given to this age.

The Fifth seminar for Russian-speaking teachers takes a place in Ekaterinburg, in November 2009.

Information will be given to this page. The Page will be constantly updated. We Invite medical doctors and distributors for participation in our training seminars.