About Doctor Subbotina

Subbotina Galina Veniaminovna

Subbotina Galina

Chief trainer of the Academy, pediatrician, classical homeopath, reflexology therapist, physiotherapist, wife and companion of Pr. Revenko is very serious about business and believes, that it is the only way to live with clear conscience and in harmony with the Universe.

Galina Subbotina came into Scenar therapy in 1994.

� I came into Scenar therapy, because I felt that it was mine � to heal patients according to the Universal Laws and enjoy it,- she says.

Galina used to be a doctor of needle-reflexology and physiotherapy in a Children Rehabilitation center until she decided to start her own business, because she wanted to feel the whole process of treatment and control it. Subbotina visited all Revenko�s and Gorfinkel�s seminars, took part in exhibitions and in 1996 with the blessing of Yuri Gorfinkel held her own Scenar training seminar in Kogalym, Russia.

� This job is very energetic, attractive and creative. When business is a creative process, it can�t fail or be unpleasant. Only if you make your business your God, you�re in trouble.

Galina Subbotina is keen on philosophic doctrines (acupuncture, classical homeopathy, biophysics, bioenergetics, math), studies homeopathy in India with the greatest teacher of the present R. Shankaran, chronobiology, homotoxicology, mesotherapy � all for her favorite Scenar.

In 1995 Galina Subbotina took in charge the first Scenar center in Yekaterinburg. Russian consumers had no trust in new medicine Scenar, so she organized numerous presentations, seminars, demonstration treatment sessions, and shows. Several years later Yekaterinburg Scenar center became the best in Russia and abroad.

In the following years Galina Subbotina together with Pr. Revenko and Yuri Gorfinkel held Scenar therapy seminars in Russia, Ukraine, Great Britain, Holland, Germany, Austria, America, South African Republic, Kenya, Australia and other countries. Galina speaks English so she can teach English speaking people as well as study authentic literature and share her knowledge with her students and colleagues. The reports, she gives on all Scenar conferences, are highly appreciated for her analytical point of view, significant statistics material and her unique believes. A lot of Subbotina�s reports were rewarded with premiums, certificates and awards. She was also awarded with a diploma and a medal by OKB RITM for the development of Scenar therapy. Among all Scenar trainers in Germany she has the highest rate 1,3 (in Germany they appraise from 5 to 1 ).

� I used to be a boring practitioner, merely following recipes and traditional medicine schemes. Patients got this therapy because of the monopoly of system. Never the less I wanted to do everything myself starting from diagnostics (talk, examination, understanding patient�s problem, Scenar and Rista diagnostics) and up to the concluding treatment procedure. For that I had to work really hard and learn a lot.

�Are you ready to share you practice and expertise with the other participants of the Scenar market, to push them?

� What do you mean �share? There is a standard legal procedure for using somebody�s inventions (pr. Revenko is the author of the patent for Scenar techniques). We live in jural state and abide its laws. So if someone wants to teach Scenar and hold Scenar seminars, using patented materials � you are welcome � learn, sign a contract with the author and use all our materials. This is a benefit to practitioners, doctors and patients. When I hold a Seminar, I am totally open and share all my knowledge. Our Academy created all presentation and study materials, which make learning process nice and easy.

� Could you name any Russian company with equally good seminars, programs and learning books?

� I never tried to appraise others work, though I believe we have no serious competitors on present Scenar market. We use our own Scenar materials as well as scientific experience in homeopathy, biophysics, physiology, bio-energrtics, acupuncture, Su-Gok, and other types of alternative medicine.

�Would you say, that you�ve managed to change Russian�s mind, who believed that Russian medicine couldn�t be good?

� � � At least, the number of people, who believed that they could get qualified help only in Europe, is constantly decreasing. This conventional wisdom disappears, while buyers of our devices tell about their positive experience to their friends and relatives. And now I see friends, children, parents keeping devices of older model, which aren�t even produced by OKB RITM (Taganrog, Russia) any more. All devices are in a very good condition and make me proud. So friend�s recommendation is better than any commercial.

�Have you counted those, who came on recommendation?

� Yes, we did. They (people, who came upon a recommendation or those who decided to buy another device or the third blanket) make up to 70% from the total amount of customers. Our products are far from chip, and yet people seem to be more than satisfied with the quality � they don�t see any alternatives to our products and devices.

� "They say, you make people zombie"

� Our doctors and teachers work, as if they were working for their children and grandchildren. That is just a different attitude to life � says Galina,- when people take up grater responsibilities, they have more rights. 10% of our doctors have their own contract to make seminars and a right of stamp and signature in the Passport of Education Program. They know, that if we get complaints on them, they will loose their rights and contract. So people are responsible for what they do. And there are a lot more of those, than people, saying : Who cares?

� How did you manage to bring so many caring people all together?

� God brings us all together and I�m very grateful to him.

� Still what are the signs, that help you choose?

� The most important is that love for life was stronger than previous rules. It must be an open person. Inside we are all nice and innocent. And all rules, that are tied to us by school teachers, parents, books simply interfere into our life. If a person manages to get reed of that, the �wings� that were given to him by nature, will start to grow.

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