Comments to Lectures and Seminars

On lecture I have got the ranked knowledge: has heard new information about physiologies, ideas of disease, health, treatments, consider that mechanical using on instructions depletes practitioner and life of the patient.


I consider that knowledge, got on lecture simply necessary, moreover useful exactly during purchase of SCENAR. It�s give you a benefit to miss nothing from the very beginning practical. The Main, now I know that with patient necessary to work in a team; but earlier I thought that simply possible to switch on SCENAR and cure on instructions.


I became more sure of plan of the contact with patient, after seminar on SCENAR and RISTA, became clear, how to show to the patient new arising trends of Health, explain many reactions in process of the treatment, direct and consolidate the results of the treatment.


From course of lectures I have got the knowledge about that � how it is necessary to develop beside patient desire to be healthy, how help him to dispense from the past � from the disease. Interesting, there was hear, insofar my knowledge correspond to the last theory and ideas of wholistic medicine. �nd for my future practice I have got the clear set an action, which quite not difficult, and even me, lazy, not it is difficult will its execute.


Buying SKENAR and heap of the books, I think that now "devil itself not brother". But afterwards it appears that not all possible express the printed word. Appears much questions moreover and do not suspect that some of them have principle importance. Where output? When appears the question, begin to watch the decision: But it is found already long ago � to pass education on school. Personally I has entered and did not become to spend time for invention of the bicycle... On school somehow was immediately felt that work with SCENAR this not simply list point and zones where it is necessary to put in that or other event.

There is philosophy, graceful system glance, founded on time-tested postulate. And if we remember, what occurred on length of the ages, that true and original knowledge are sent always only verbally from Teacher to pupil directly. So occurs and on SCENAR-school. Because healing, even with using technical device, this is not mechanical procedure, this, in the largest accounts, art. The Intellect, intuition, talent are of importance. Without this device itself in hand of the operator will simply be a piece of metal. I think most of main to study to think, observe, do the correct conclusion. Big contributionput in this our trainer S. Moiseew, experienced SCENAR-internist, additionally good teacher, and simply interesting person ( a member of �SCENAR-Ukraine�, Odessa, director Lyutov O.).


Dear Galina! The time in Berlin was very short and special. I learned a lot. You are a very good teacher. But I am especially happy that I will be able to do some more training with you in February 2008 in Australia. The only way to become a good therapist is to observe the teacher. It is a pitty that Russia is so far from Australia.

Greetings, Eva.

Dear Galina! Thank you very much for the excellent work during the course. The advance group were very grateful for the opportunity to catch up with areas which they had not understood before properly. The whole group in now is much better grounded.


Dear Galina & Sasha! Many thanks for you both for your inspiring teaching, for your amazing healing techniques, and your hard work to help so many sick people as well as new students to master the amazing scenar. You have changed our lives and that of many other people, in many ways and we are so grateful! All the very best for the New Year, I hope 2007 is an exciting year for yous and we all hope to see you again before too long. Much love to you both,


Dear Galina, I would like to thank you once again for our very interesting and fulfilling training we had together, again I express my thanks for all your patience in listening to our many many questions and queries and explaining them to us several times!!!! We will try to do our best and represent you to our highest standards!!!!

Hope we will see you again very soon and take care!!!

Thanks, Helen

Hello Galina, I was in you�re class this weekend and I learnt a lot en got really inspired to work even more with scenar! I like to thank you again for you�re enthousiasm and endless energy and pacience with us these day�s. Greetz,

Marinka Janssen J.

Dear Galina!  Thank you so much, for your presentation of the seminar which was memorable, and for the treatment you gave me, which was much much more than "a treatment" it showed me great hope.  Kind regards,


Hi Galina, I want to say thank you again for the inspiring two days in Goes! Started with your protocols first thing the next week and already found major improvement in treatment results and also in joy. Working this way is much more dynamic (think that�s what Scenar is about from origin). I feel enthusiast and also curious as I think about what possibilities there are.


Thank you once again for such an amazing few days. I have been contacted by many of the students and they have all said how wonderful your training was. I think what is so unique about you is that you seem to make the subject of SCENAR "come alive" and it becomes so much easier to understand. This is hard to do in one's own language but to achieve it in another language is very a very big thank you from all of us.

Debra Graham

Can't stop thinking how powerful Energy Medicine is - the group altogether and every single therapist were like one Universe, one big loving family, the venue was terrific (endless gratitude to you my Theo Constantinou), food was out of this world (no words to express my deepest love to our Chef Lukas Constantinou) and, of course, the boss who has made sure everything is running as smooth as could be - thank you!

Katy Constantinou

Sasha Revenko you are the best now and forever! Thank you - never stop inventing, you are Genius! Subbotina Galina I love you more than words can say! My heart belongs to you! I honestly think this 3 days were the best seminars in history of Scenar by far! Can't wait to do it again soon! Love to all wonderful people Steve Constantinou, Ellen Stanwell, Steve Sapseid, Jenny Sapseid, Scenar France, Olly Langford,Lisa Becker, Daniela Blamey, Jana Novotna, Marii Donohoe, Susanne Jaeger, Helen Hawker, Lesley Nash and many, many more who are not on FB x. Thank you!

International students from France, Spain and Malta

We have successfully launched day 1 of our Annual Master Classes. Great seminar Subbotina Galina - great students and atmosphere, thank you for the fantastic protocols and, of course, Mary & Michael! As always, big gratitude to Cosmocare for the amazing venue - thank you!

Theo and Katy and Luke

Was an amazing course! The two of us benefited greatly!!! Thanks for all the positive energy and healing!!

Helen Hawker

Also thanks to give to all of us a chance to see a new protocol of migraine treatment (directly in the very nice restaurant), it was unbelievable energy treatment (when Sasha Revenko put SCENAR to his hand to help yme! Now it's possible in SCT!

Ellen Stanwell

Thank you ( Revenko / Subbotina clan ) for everything this weekend, so good , kind & generous with information, wisdom & knowledge. Lots of Love, light & laughter.

Marii Donohoe

Dear Galina and dear Sasha, I would like to thank you both for the most inspiring seminars, it was not only a pleasure to meet you both, I was truly humbled by meeting the genius behind Scenar Therapy and see not only the amazing and lively intelligence of Sasha but experience also his energy and passion in his desire to help and heal others. I thank you both from the bottom of my heart for all you have taught me and hope you will come back to the UK for more seminars in the near future. I hope you had a safe trip home, and hope to have the pleasure of seeing you both very soon again.

Daniela Beccaria-Blamey

I thought that Scenar was amazing before the last event, after seeing it in the masters hands I was totally blown away. I now have something to strive towards

Steve Constantinou

Througtly enjoying our Professional Training this weekend in Enfield! Amazing students, atmosphere, we even have Wales chiropractor with us! Let the word spread and let Scenar travel to every part of our wonderful UK! Looking forward to see the new therapist for our upcoming Master Classes in the beginning of May. Congratulation to our therapist Steve Constantinou - he has such an amazing personality! Steve has been practising Scenar for quite some time now and is still extending his Scenar knowledge that is greatly appreciated! Best best of luck and look forward to seeing you in May and have this BBQ "Cyprus" style as promised! Lots of love and cannot wait to introduce you to my parents!


Fantastic course. Thank you Lena Subbotina and to Theo at Cosmocare what a great venue! And big thanks to Theo's dad for keeping us all so well fed.

Anouska Rudden

Thank You Lena Subbotina for a truly amazing course! Thank you to Theo Constantinou for getting all those great people together in the room and for being a great host... I look forward to the next course and more thanks to Theo's dad feeding us so wel.

Julie Agbodan Stewart

Lucas was so tired I wrapped him up in the blanket he loved it. It's my turn tonight. Lucas says he is glad you all enjoyed you meals but he has retired now lol yeah right. Lena it was lovely seeing you.

Katy Constantinou

Fantastic training, fantastic teachers, Lena Subbotina and Theo Constantinou, thoroughly enjoyed it!

Anthea Economou

You must be very proud Subbotina Galina of your daughter doctor Elena Subbotina!

Miranda Kevern-Perez

Doctor Elena Subbotina is amazing, Galina!

Theo Constantinou

Two days with our fantastic and tireless teacher Subbotina Galina! A wonderful group! Thank you for the extraordinary presence of two foreign colleagues Svetlana Zlateva from Bulgaria and Monica Beccaria for Agentina who transformed this course in an international course. See you in Italy in October for a special event... Diag5 by Subbotina Galina and Master Class by Prof. Sasha Revenko.