Jubilee world tour Revenko-60 !


Many our friends wanted and asked us to prepare special tour to visit character SCENAR places special on the eve of 60-years Jubilee of Revenko. We started to talk about it directly after Taganrog conference 2012, we talked where we want to go, which place we want to visit, who we want to see to share such event. In March 2013 we did it.

And now we are ready to announce this event, because we cannot put off any more, because one our friend told us her dream comes true which is close to our preparing event. And she told us about our plan.

So, great Master, author of more then 300 SCENAR protocols, honored holder of SCENAR hearts award, SCENAR medals, guardian of the first SCENAR bronze medal from National Exhibition of USSR, the Checov Prize laureate, member of write union of Russia announce his World Jubilee tour, which lasts from 21st December 2013 till 5th January 2014. Revenko presents his jubilee program which he calls himself The best of whole my life.

Cities which we plan to visit

So, we have to decide where we are going to visit our friends.

  • 20th December 2013 we leave Moscow
  • 20-21th December - Ekaterinburg
  • 22-23rd December S.Peterburg
  • 24-25th December - Riga
  • 26th December 1st January 2014 - London
  • 2-4th January Vienna
  • 5th January return to Moscow
  • 7 - 11 January Ukraine, Crimea, Artek and Lavanda





Exactly, we want to visit our friends in Netherlands, Germany, Swiss, Italy, America, Africa, but... maybe next jubilee

Up to now we invite our friends from these countries to join us in Vienna.





Interesting facts

  • Alexandr Revenko was born in a creative family, his father was an author and inventor of elective accordion, his invention made possible to lighten accordion service (before his invention if something was broken in side of accordion, all interior must be change, the invention allowed to change just broken parts and save all other constructions)
  • Alexandr studied medicine in Rostov University, all teachers of which were emigrated from Warsaw University, many departments had few professors, whose names up to now are in a list of famous medicine scientists
  • Exactly he was chosen by yang engineer Alexandr Karasev (the inventor of SCENAR devices) and after his co-operation they came together and brought SCENAR to OCB Ritm
  • When OCB Ritm was prepared first SCENAR school, all trainers from Moscow Medical University were busy and Revenko had only one chance to be a first SCENAR trainer. He started his way of Master and Teacher
  • Yury Gorfinkel came to Revenko and became second father of SCENAR therapy, Teacher and author of many special and well knowing SCENAR protocols
  • There are more then 300 SCENAR protocols were created by Revenko
  • There are about 40 thousand patients who were examed, treated and returned to normal life by Revenko
  • Revenko made about 300 SCENAR seminars, each of them had at the average 30 students
  • Revenko created new medicine: SCENAR medicine with many theoretical and philosophical issues: theory of FPS, theory of co-operation Triangle operator-patient-device, he invented new terms: Small Asymmetry, vector, complaint here and now
  • Revenko is author of few books on SCENAR therapy, patents, he is a founder of SCENAR magazine
  • Revenko is the Checov Prize laureate
  • Guardian of the first SCENAR bronze medal from National Exhibition of USSR
  • He is a member of writer union of Russia.