Now I know that I have future

John Erik


It is hard to believe that in January, when John Erik went to Taganrog for the third treatment course, he had to use sticks to walk. He didn�t need them on his way back. For the first time John Erik felt the influence of Scenar treatment one year ago when his health (according to his own words) was in a poor state. Antibiotics didn�t work, medicine doses were increasing, doctors recommended to quite his job.

In his despair he followed his friend�s advice and tried scenar. He got results after the first course of treatments, though Scenar was only starting in London.


His doctor in Oslo was amazed by the changes in his patient�s condition. He was preparing John Erik for an operation on his knees. But it was not necessary, the oedema decreased, blood test results were much better.

Inspired with the success John Erik went to a Scenar conference in London in November. There he met Sasha Revenko and Galina Subbotina, and had treatments with them. He welcomed all new information about the device and the results of its work. Than he bought a device and learned general and special techniques for his case. Now he has a multifunctional super drag store at home. And John Erik works with Scenar treating himself and his relatives. Two weeks of Scenar treatments in Yekaterinburg brought him new results. He is not lame any more, he is not afraid of broken lift and walks around the town. His birthday party was in the clinic and he didn�t look like patient at all.

He believed that he would get rid of his disease with the help of Scenar. The device taught him to pay attention to his body and understand it. Scenar gave him hope, introduced him to wonderful people and brought him to Russia. John Erik wants to get well and knows why he wants it. Amazing results of a year�s treatment course were proved by medical tests. And only in August he thought that there was no cure for his disease. "Now I know that I have future, I will do a lot of interesting things, and I can my children, which is very important for me". - said John Erik.

Calm and steady Norwegian patient with Reiter disease said about his future plans: "Of course I have plans! The Olympic games!"

Ludmila Sharova

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