Gvido Somenzi: "I wish my patients well"

Gvido Somenzi

Education: Medical Doctor
Residence: Breshia, Italy
Motto: "Scenar medicine can change your life"

My wife, a professional physiotherapist, and I heard about Scenar two years ago on a medical conference in London. There was an International Orthopaedist Congress and Julia Frost was one of the participants. I remember that I had a million questions- everything was new and unknown. We talked and I immediately bought Scenar. Then we tried it and got great results. Our medical experience and expertise were very helpful. So you can understand why we are so enthusiastic.

One year later we decided to sell devices in Italy. We also organise seminars and trainings for Scenar therapists. Of course we were also learning and experimenting. It is part of our job. We have two clinics and use Scenar in both of them with wonderful results.

I was particularly interested in combination of Scenar and NLP which I also practise. It is a very effective method. It helps you change and fix patient�s mind just talking to him. As I wish my patients well it is easy to get good reactions from them.

After the London conference we took four more training and started to communicate with Julia Frost and � later- with Sasha Revenko. And then we finally decided to go to Russia. We couldn�t miss the conference in Odessa. We are planning to promote Scenar in sport medicine. We already sold the device to a group of Formula 1 doctors, Milan football team, to some participants of bike racing and some very well-known sportsmen.

I have to say that doctors are being tolerant to our Scenar activity. We do not try to persuade them in anything. Just ask them to give us patients, which can not be healed with orthodox medicine. And when we manage to help those patient some doctors open their eyes and say: �Wow! I want to try it too! May I�?� So we say: Of course! We are trying to make the information comprehensible, help them understand how to use Scenar. I 2006 we hope to organise the first Scenar Congress in Italy. Of course we will invite Dr Revenko.

Gvido Somenzi, Italy

SCENAR. Magazine For You � 1(10) 2005.
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