Doctor's Horst Positive Philosophy

Klainbichler Horst

Klainbichler Horst

Education: Higher
Residence: Austria, South Africa
Affiliation: Scenar centre (Cape Town)
Motto: "If the person is positive than
all the people around him are happy.
Everything we give away comes
back to us. Get a move on doing good!"


- Meeting someone like you is lucky chance for any reporter. You are very exotic! I was told that you lived in one of south African tribes for six months, have been doing homeopathy for 30 years and recently have healed a woman of cancer, though all the doctors said she had one month left. Are all these stories true ?

- So many questions! Ok, lets move step by step. About thirty years of homeopathy experience everything is true. Now I look young and healthy. But I used to have major problems with liver, lungs. I lived on pills and remember that time very well. However, I was lucky to grow up in a wealthy family and my parents did their best to sent me to the schools. As I was very fond of homeopathy, I went to learn to India, Germany, England. I use to spend all my money, studying with the cream de la cream.

- What about Africa ?

- I lived with Bushmen for six months. It�s a black-skinned South African tribe, very distinctive and original. They are short and flexible, walk like leopards, and their speech is clattering and clanking. If they put their ear to the ground, they can hear a train 50 kilometres away. The same way any of them can hear an elephant or other large animal miles away.

- Why did you go their? Adrenalin shortage ?

- No, I was learning. Have you heard something about kinesiology (therapy of movement)? I have discovered a lot of thing during that expedition. Besides, the unique sort of a South African potato is very good for cancer therapy really exists, it�s not a myth.

- Have you been using these knowledge in your practice ?

- On one of my trips I met a twenty seven years old woman with gut cancer. Doctors said she had one months left if she was lucky. I worked with her every day for 3-4 hours with Scenar and Blanket. We moved her to another room, because hers was full of negative energy. I gave her a serious homeopathic course. She also ate that potato, black papaya seeds and apricot stones�

- So what happens now ?

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- �����, � ��� � ����� �� ���� ������� ������ � �������?

- It�s been five months since I met her and started treatment. She wrote me that she was more than happy. The tumour decreased, no metastasis, and have already chosen the restaurant to go next time we meet. By the way, her mother is treating her every day with Scenar while I�m away.

- Mr Horst, how did you find out about Scenar ?

- I just heard from somebody about this device and asked to find me Gerhard�s phone number (Gerhard is an official representative of Scenar in Austria). After a five minutes conversation I wanted to buy Scenar. When we met in beautiful white Mercedes I said: �Even if Scenar would�ve cost as much as this car I would still buy it. I would�ve chosen and bought Scenar for any money.�

- Why ?

- When I was examining that woman I told you about I could feel with my hand the location of the tumour. The same with Scenar. I realised that the device will give me amazing information! It is very powerful. I wanted to have it and learn how to use it. It will help me to make more people happy.

- Have your wishes come true ?

- I will give you just one example. Before I found out about Scenar I had a patient with epileptic fits. They started when he was two (he is 43 now). He used to have up to 20-30 fits a day. He had loads of traumas and took heavy chemistry medicine. Thanks to homeopathy we decreased the amount of fits to 10-15. And after two years of treatments with Scenar he has no fits at all! His speech is perfect, though he used to sound as if he was drunk. Now he is married with tree years old girl. For one year the baby used to have blocked nose and hearing problem. Doctors insisted on surgery. The first treatment of this girl took us three and a half hours/ After four sessions all blockages were cleared. We made it!

- Are you proud of yourself ?

- I new that worked for 100% and enjoyed the feeling! That�s the only way it works for me. Here is my philosophy: if a person comes to me and I say �Yes�, it means I�m going to do everything possible.

- Does it mean you might say �No� ?

- That is right. If I feel that we are on different levels I�d rather apologise: �I�m not good enough for you� You�d better find another therapist..� I need to be on the same positive level with my patient to work for 100%.

- Do you have a Medical Centre ?

- Yes, I work their with two assistants. Sometimes people send me tickets to Africa and ask to treat patients their. And I often agree to go because I left part of my heart in that wonderful place. I�m sure you�d feel the same if you visit that wonderful country. Now I want to invite Sasha their.

- Dr Revenko means a lot to you. Do you remember you first meeting ?

I remember the first one and all the following one. Don�t you feel the same? When you see this man you see his character. And here in my head, right in the middle, I have this feeling like I�m looking up, at heavens. And see Revenko. When I talk to Sasha I feel even tiniest vibrations with all my body. So every meeting with him is a happiness of getting new information as well as joy of feeling his positive energy.

Scenar is not just a machine for me. When I�m working with the device I have a feeling Professor Revenko is inside it. (laughing). I don�t know if people realise it but meeting this beautiful couple is a great luck and happiness. I was shocked when Sasha consulted my patient during the brake on the seminar. The professor of this level spends his time talking to ordinary people � in Europe it is nonsense. Nobody their goes �below� their social status. Revenko doesn�t care about these conventionalities. And it makes him a great man.

- Is it that important for you ?

- Yes. If I have any questions I can simply pick up the phone and call Sasha from Austria to ask his advice. It is unacceptable in Europe: call professor in the middle of the night for his consultation! Of course, I try not to take advantage of it. But in some complicated cases when I make a decision I remember Revenko�s advice: �you always have a chance!� So I give my patient and myself a chance. So I take Scenar in my hands and all my body says: �I love it! It�s mine!� and it feels great. I try to help many people just like Sasha. He is number one. With his help I can do more. It is amazing.

- Does Scenar help you in your everyday life ?

Of course, but helps to my friends more. Once after the conference in Munich we were having a party. We sat at the table, all professors. And my neighbour say: �It�s time to retire. My back is killing me�� Than I put my hand on his back and three minutes later pain was gone. The next day he came for a Scenar treatment. I knew it would triple the effect but he didn�t believe me. He had fallen down and done his back even more, could barely walk with his assistant�s help. �In twenty minutes pain will disappear.�-I assured, but he still was doubtful. So we made a bet: if I was right he would buy me and my wife golf-clubs. If he was right, I would buy them. You can guess that Scenar helped. By the way all my friends are very competitive in golf. Because they all ask me to work with them before the game if they don�t feel well. And their problems disappear. Though I can�t say the same about their rival.

Helen Golovanova

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