Leo A Dejong: "I made a lot of people
happy .. and healed myself"

Leo A Dejong

Working experience with scenar 8 years

Residence USA

Address: P.O. Box 88307
Grand Rapids
MI 49518 USA

Motto: "Make Scenar-therapy the best part
of our life in pursuit of happiness"


Reminder: We've started drinking a glass of fresh juice every morning after the interview with Leo. Why? Well, first of all I want to live that long too and feel as fit and healthy as he does. Leo is not a flirtatious woman so I don't have to hide his age: he was born on 1923.

- Seasoned Scenar therapists know that you've found out about Scenar from your younger brother Yan approximately 8 years ago. You were the director of a large group of companies in Northern America and Europe. What was so attractive in Scenar then ?

- You know what's really interesting to discuss? I didn't take Scenar seriously at first, I thought it was just a toy. But when my experiments resulted in miraculous changes in my body I've decided to do the first training. So I went to Bahamas for two weeks and met Jacob Grinberg, Sasha Revenko, Yuri Gorfinkel. I was very excited and impressed because the technical part of the seminar was perfect. And six months later I got a Scenar therapist's certificate which allowed me to open my own clinic in Michigan.

- Do you have any regrets now, seven years later ?

- It was the best part of my life. I'm saying this because I've fixed my health and made a lot of people happy. And when I was the director the only person I could make happy was my company�s share holder. (laughing).

- So Scenar never disappointed you?

- Never. It was getting better and better every time. And it isn�t surprising because I studied with professor Revenko himself. It was the best training anyone could ever get. We were working t�te-�-t�te for several months! Now I say that he is giving confidence. And I learned it from him.

- What question would you ask Sasha if you were the editor of this magazine?

- Oh, I would ask him keep everything a secret, so that we were the only specialist of that level! (laughing again) I�m joking, of course, because he is teaching something only he can and must teach. Like I said earlier, I was very lucky to listen to him, work with him, learned from his experience and enjoyed his attention. Mind you we were working in New York with him and Galina sixteen hours a day! We used to meet at 8 a.m. and leave at midnight, missing lunch. Once Sasha came to me and said: "Leo! Are you crazy?!" But what could I do if people came from South America and Israel? We couldn�t say: "Sorry, we have no more time". So Revenko had to work probably thinking that I was out of my tree and getting angry with me. Nonetheless, that was a landmark experience in my life. It was so wonderful to see miracles with my own eyes and people who were unable to walk at all, walking fife times around the neighbourhood after one week�s treatment course !

- We have seen you before on Scenar seminars in Betta, Odessa, Sochi �

- I have so much energy that travelling is easy when ever I have time. I�m going to feel the same when I�m 102. I come to the seminars on business and to see my friends � Sasha Revenko, Sergey Moiseev� And many more.

- What do you think is joining you with Revenko ?

- Confidence. And the fact that we are both "positive" people on our nature. And a tiny little bit aggressive. Sometimes you need it to get results.

- Are you still a fan of Scenar?

- Absolutely! Though now I don�t treat everybody, only the worst cases. And I get very proud of myself when I manage to heal someone. I even had people who me getting ready to die and became absolutely healthy one or two weeks later. Now I�m working wit a sixteen years old girl. She had a car accident. She flue out of the car and it saved her life. The car had exploded. But she was completely paralyzed and doctors could do nothing. Now she can feel her finger tips and toes. It is a very good result. We have only started working.

- Now you teach Scenar yourself. Who are you students and what do you want to tell to beginners?

- Neurosurgeons, anaesthesiologists, dentists, housewives� And to all of them I want to say only one thing: learn something everyday. Learn all your life.

- Do you agree that Scenar is the medicine of future?

- Partly. There are a lot of other things. For example, proper diets, fresh juice. Organic things are very good for health.

- But I saw you smoking a cigar�

- I smoke little cigars when I have to wait or get angry.

- Do you often get angry?

- I�m a very impatient man. And if we agreed to meet at 6 p.m., then five past 6 I would get angry. It is so typical for women, you know� (laughing)

- Do you take up sport?

- I have to admit that my professional career didn�t leave much time for walking: meeting, conferences... I always was a workaholic and never stopped. Now I like to walk and tennis.

- Do you have your own pattern of happiness ?

- We have to live in pursuit of happiness. We mast look for it. And think only positively, postpone your problems. I think that health and happiness are the same thing.

- When did you come to realise that?

- Oh, years ago! You have to be think "positive", thinking of future image good things.

- Leo, you�ve started working with Scenar being a successful man. What did your friends think about such a dramatic change ?

- At first people were saying that I was doing something funny and ridiculous. Then I suddenly became a Magic Man! Some of my ex patients left their jobs and started helping me with Scenar. So the device made a revolution not only in my life.

- And the last question: do you like Russia ?

- Yes. Especially Russians. And you have a lot of beautiful women dancers �

The interview was taken by Helen Golovanova

SCENAR. Magazine For You � 1(10) 2005.
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