Nicole Sherlock: "Seeing black and white"

Nicole Sherlock (ophthalmologist, homeopath, iridologist, Scenar-therapist)


- Nicole, how did you find out about Scenar ?

- I live in England, 35 miles from London. I learned about Scenar from James Colhast. He is a doctor and he treated one of my patients in Halford. The results were so impressive that want to the next Scenar conference in London.

- Were you disappointed ?

- No, as you can see, I�m here, at the conference in Betta, Russia. I came here to learn something new. I�m using Scenar with a lot of patients. They enjoy treatment and I get good results. I want to use every chance to study with Sasha, Galina and other Russian Scenar therapists. And coming here is great experience.


- Could you tell us about the most successful experience in your practice ?

James recommended me to a sixty three years old woman. She was blind in one eye. During the third course of treatments she started seeing black and white! Then she began distinguishing outlines of things, colours. She recognised people. It was an unforgettable victory. It happened two years ago.

- What do your English colleagues think of your enthusiasm for Scenar ?

- It is rather difficult to make people except non-orthodox therapy in England. Doctors are very conservative and are reluctant to try something new. And yet, when I got good results, some of them have started to take an interest in Scenar. Of course! And this interest will be growing.


SCENAR. Magazine For You � 8(2) 2003.
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