On-line Revenko's consultaion

Professor Alexandr Revenko is the leading well-known pioneer of Scenar therapy and one of the inventors of this wonderful technology, "brains" of the device as we say. Whoever have ever brought their patients to see him, well aware that professor is the wizard and always knows what is the best treatment for this or another patient.

However, it is not always physically possible to come and see him. We are now offering online consultations with Professor Revenko via email or Skype. During the consultation, you will have a chance to talk about your challenging patient (or about yourself), explain what have you tried in order to help him/her - bear in mind, this is necessary as you will be able to provide feedback to make treatment plan more individual and efficient.

Professor will express his opinion on established diagnosis and prescribe Treatment plan for you included set of protocols that will be emailed to you.

Such a plan should cover you for 2-4 weeks after that you will have your follow up to get further recommendations.

Scenar is an amazing and magic tool but often we are straggling to understand the cause of the problem especially with more difficult patient. Having Professor on board is the way to individualise your treatment plan and to finally move off that "dead point" to start seeing desirable dynamic and smiles on the faces of your patients.

Cost of initial consultation is 25 of your country�s currency � such as EUR, GBP, JPY or USD, two follow ups consultations included in the price.

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