Workshop "SCENAR in sports medicine",
United Kingdom , Essex, 28-29 October 2013


Now that the event is over there is very important to get feedback from the participants. We publish several reviews of the 39 participants of this seminar. More reviews and photos you can see on our FB page.



Participation in seminars of Revenko is an excellent opportunity to acquire new knowledge and techniques, it is the unique opportunity of familiarizing with such energy as Revenko, on who you can just look and feel. It is also possible to get acquainted with his research, conclusions on the various aspects of the SCT in sport. And the most importantly is to feel SCENAR brotherhood, unity of people and be a part of this unique organism.

D., Slovakia


I would like to thank the organizers of the Conference for the opportunity to exchange experiences in the field of sports medicine. I thanks also for the opportunity to meet so many amazing people . This gives the confidence in my own abilities.

J., Slovakia


I express my gratitude to the organizers and to all the participants of the conference for the beautiful days with beautiful people.

S., Denmark

Thank you again for the opportunity to see with all the people who are passionate about their work, I had so much fun on the interactive dialogue. Thanks to Sasha for the new techniques (his brain is endless ! :-)

S., England

Every time attending seminars of Revenko , I just feel his energy, I feel in myself every time something unusual when he puts the device to the patient.

N., Ireland

Thank you for the people that I met at the seminar! Extraordinary unity and happiness.

S., Cyprus

I 've heard a lot about Revenko and finally for the first time I heard and saw him myself! He is a Teacher, he is a Swinger! He has a higher mission to bring the light of knowledge and enlightenment ! Thank you for these days.

M., Holland

Spending time with him, I feel my own importance and belonging to his family - a large family of SCENAR.

H., The Netherlands