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Master Class "SCENAR management of Energy"
Professor A. Revenko, 25-26 September 2014
Moscow, Bratislavskaya str. 6, of. 145

Human is an energy, everything depends of energy: its movement, collection, using, distribution, discharging. SCENAR therapy is not local zone treatment and presets!

Our master Class for professionals:  Energy protocols for pro's!

        Special protocols:
        Distribution and movement

Special and NEW protocols for meridians, aura, Kundalini, Chakras

Protocols to restore physical, emotional and soul energies.

Book now your participation: Phone 7 9163321479   E-mail

Download the flyer >>

Professor Revenko and doctor Subbotina would like to inform all of you - we are in Moscow for the whole summer! Welcome for treatment, consultation and studying in SCENAR Academy from the source of inventor!
We plan to do:

  • July 17-18th - Home SCENAR seminar
  • July 23-24th - Master Class Neurology (stroke, dementia, cerebral palsy)
  • August 1-3rd - Master Class Depression
  • August 16-17th - Master Class Abdomen pain

Among these fixed seminar dates you are welcome for the individual trainings.
Just call or email us!

SCENAR Academy by professor Revenko, Kosmed Int. "Ritm SCENAR"
and Marinka Janssen invite you to our event in September 2014, on 5-6th,
in The Netherlands, Gouda.

Dear SCENAR colleque's, Despite of all the knowledge you already have gathered in the last years, do you also wish sometimes you could have Prof. A. Revenko or Dr. Galina Subbotina in your office seeing your patients/clients with you together?

So you can see and follow what do they observe when a client enters your office, what do they ask them first, what are they're first thoughts and how do they start and determine what to do, which protocol and why. The bridges between the story the client tell's you and the knowledge to determine your choice in treatment.

In September first weekend, 5-6th September 2014 prof. A. Revenko and Dr. Galina Subbotina will come to Holland to give a two day's Seminar. Master class with treatment on real patients!

In the morning they will treat about 5 clients and in the afternoon we will have the explanation of what we saw in the morning.

The topics will be in relation to the patients we will see so depending a bit of the patients there will be information about:

  • different kinds of (neurological) pain
  • more complex chronic pain patients
  • patients you don't seem to improve somehow and the possibility of using RISTA diagnostics device
  • Stress management
  • some self-treatment protocols to help your
  • patients to support the dynamic between sessions

Location: Holland

City: Gouda

Price: two day's all inclusive seminar (hotel/breakfast/lunch/diner) ˆ 460,-

You can contact Marinka Janssen for further information or any question by email [email protected] or if you like by phone 06-45109245.

To sign up for this seminar you can email your name + address to [email protected] you will recieve a confirmation. NB! there is only limited number of participants because of the privacy and well being of the patients.

Hope to see you in September and learn a lot together!

Summer SCENAR practice

Scenar Academy Summer Practice in Latvia, 2 - 5 June, 2014.

The conference languages will be English and Russian. Simultaneous translation will be provided..

SCENAR TRAINING Held in New York, NY (May 19-20, 2012)

We arrange informational sessions, seminars and trainings where leading specialists in SCENAR therapy present innovative methods of SCENAR technology, latest devices and additions to them, as well as answer questions and address concerns of the participants.

You have a unique opportunity to meet with Dr. Alexander Revenko (the founder of the SCENAR medicine) in person. Training consists of several sessions and will take place in Better Health Chiropractic Clinic on May 19-20, 2012.

SCENAR Expert, Professor Alexander Revenko,
in Texas to deliver his SCENAR Master Class

March 30-31, 2012

The father of SCENAR therapy; Professor Alexander Revenko has been named an honorary Life Member of the Scenar Professional Association of North America in recognition of his life’s work and role in the global education of SCENAR therapy.

Professor Revenko was in Fort Worth March 27th - April 2, 2012 to teach advanced training seminars to doctors from all over North America. The seminars were hosted by Tomatex, a leading distributor of RITM SCENAR medical devices. Revenko is world renowned for being on the development team at OKB RITM ZAO; the manufacturers of the genuine SCENAR device.

The SCENAR is able to detect minute electric impulses of the meridian system as well as the peripheral nervous system over lesioned sites and send to the brain dissonant impulses that stimulate a healing reaction. The premise of the therapy is that whenever tissue is lesioned, the brain's ability to initiate a healing response is impeded. SCENAR impulses on the skin modify the topical condition and provide a feedback loop that causes reactions in the brain aimed at restoring lost functions. While regulating unbalanced body systems, SCENAR normalizes pathological conditions.

Revenko says, “I always insist on two principles:
1. SCENAR is not a stimulator, but a regulator of adaptive processes:
1.1. Pain is one of adjusting reactions of the body (bioregulated adaptive reaction).
2. We do not treat or block pain…We inform the body in a personalized way and interactively- here and now- about the way to the best adaptive reaction. "
SCENAR medical device is now FDA cleared in USA & is being used by Chiropractors, Wellness Specialists, Sport Injury & rehabilitation Physicians, Pain Specialists.

27th September 2012, Austria, Fernblick Bad Gams

Alfred Heresh invites everybody to his 10 years SCENAR anniversary
"SCENAR therapy as Steirmark style"

The program is:

12-00 - Welcome speech and lunch with Schilcher;

14-00 - Report “Failure in SCT is a success”. Steimark concert;

16-00 - On the tractor with open-top-trailer to the tradition Buschenschank to sing and dance.

If you accept my invitation, please call Alfred Heresh: + 43 664 4969 620.

SCENAR Summer Practice
Let’s Practise SCENAR Therapy at the Black Sea!
6th – 10th August 2012 Odesa, Ukraine


Monday, 6th August 2012

07:30 p.m. Welcome Dinner.

Tuesday, 7th August 2012

9:00 a.m. – 01:00 p.m. – Main Training Event - Treatment of real patients

03:00 p.m. - 07:00 p.m. – Workshop "SCT in pediatrics", Lecturer: Dr. Galina Subbotina

Topics: children pain causes, different pain scales in pediatrics, special acute protocols in pediatrics, Big Five in chronic pediatrics: asthma, abdomen pain, spondilosis, arthritis, scoliosis, growing pain

07:30 p.m. – Dinner with Ukrainian music and dishes

Wednesday, 8th August 2012

9:00 a.m. – 01:00 p.m. – Main Training Event - Treatment of real patients

03:00 p.m. - 06:00 p.m. – Workshop "Abdomen pain from neurological view".
Lecturer: Professor A.Revenko

Topics: neurological understanding of digestive anatomy and abdomen pain, abdomen is a second brain and metasympathetic system, reasons and types of abdomen pain, TCV about digestive system, special protocols to treat all types of abdomen pain (cleansing, spirals, chakras, meridians, stars, rhombus, vaccinations, 8 lines, pyramids). Stress management

07:30 p.m. – Odessa Opera House

Thursday, 9th August 2012

9:00 a.m. – 01:00 p.m. – Workshop "SCT of depression". Lecturer: Dr. Galina Subbotina.

Topics: bio-energy of depression, postures and body symptoms, special protocols:by A.Lowen, meridians, auriculo-SCT with clips, Mental protocols, 7 levels method

03:00 p.m. - 07:00 p.m. – Workshop "Meridians protocols according RISTA and Diagnostics-5 (or Diagnostics-1)". Lecturer: Professor A.Revenko

Topics: Diag-1 and Diag-5 in SCENAR’s 1Nt and even Home devices to measure Nakatani points, how to build diagnostics diagrams and riodoraku, how to make a conclusion and design a course, New principles and protocols to treat meridians.

07:30 p.m. – Odessa City tour and dinner.

Friday 10th August 2012

10:00 a.m. - 14:00 p.m. – Questions and answers from A.Revenko.

"Special protocols for self-treatments". Lecturer: Professor A. Revenko

Topics: main principles to build and choose: zones, electrodes and methods for self-treatments, special protocols to treat cold, flu, CFS, spine pain, migraine. Special protocols: stars, crosses, rainbow, different types of 3P6P, face methods, Mary and Michle (many different positions and zones), Du-Mai and Ren-Mai protocols, Diag-5 for self-treatment.

07-00 p.m. – Good bay Dinner

Please plan to take part in and receive more information from:

+8 916 33 214 79

Address of the Conference: Odesa, Holiday hotel "Mirny", 65062, Odessa, Kamanin street, 2\2 (old name Kurchatov street or Fontanskaya doroga 71A)

+3 8048 716-77-37
+3 8048 716-77-47

On-line reservation:

You can look at the map:

Scenar Training March 27 - April 02 2012 Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas

We are pleased to announce the SCENAR TRAINING
coming to Arlington, Texas on March 27 – April 02, 2012

This unique 7-day workshop provides a high level training experience for the participants want to develop/improve their skills in SCENAR Therapy. The lectures and practical sessions are presented by the famous and most experienced SCENAR instructors:

  • Prof. Alexander Revenko (the founder of the SCENAR medicine)
  • Dr. Galina Subbotina (SCENAR Academy, Russia)

SCENAR THERAPY COURSES lectures and hands-on 8:30 am - 5:30 pm

  • April 01     Seminars for Trainers of SCENAR Academy (on invitation only) **     Dr. Revenko
    Dr. Subbotina
  • March 27-28     General SCENAR Concepts: Theory & Practice (Level I-II)     Dr. Subbotina
  • March 27-28     Advanced seminar of SCENAR Technology * (Level –III)      Dr. Revenko
  • March 29     Diagnostics in SCENAR-Therapy * (D-5 Nakatani Method)      Dr. Subbotina
  • March 29     Auriculotherapy program -Basic – Lectures and hands-on 8:00 am – 12:00 pm     Dr. Corbin
  • March 29     School of Engineering – Secrets of Scenar - Lectures and hands-on 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm     M. Unakafov (OKB RITM)
  • March 30-31     Designing and planning of SCENAR course *      Dr. Subbotina
  • March 30-31     SCENAR therapy of different types of pain *      Dr. Revenko
  • April 1-2     Master Class - Part 1. Neurological pain *      Dr. Revenko

* Previous SCENAR experience/proof of training required.
** SCENAR representatives are welcome as observer

Pre-Seminar Workshops are available on request at additional cost.
Our workshop is tailored for:
- SCENAR practitioners  - Chiropractors
- Wellness specialists    - Sport injury and rehabilitation physicians
- as well as for those who thinks beyond the ideas of traditional medicine and who is looking forward to making life healthier and happier.

More information look at

Regular seminars and conferences in Slovakia

Our representative Natalia Sabova presents annual SCENAR conferences in Bratislava for doctors, home users and difficult patients.

The aims of these conferences are to extend knowledge and to provide commitment of the patients to solve their own recovery route which is not available for orthodox medicine and also to create more contacts in between colleagues.

Conferences take place since 2009 and are exclusive within Slovakia as they are lead by Alexander Revenko – the Father of SCENAR medicine. Every year conferences gather more and more doctors – every one of them have their own dream, their own practical and scientific interest. Moreover every doctor involved has their own experience, opinion on how to solve this or another problem hence to archive most powerful, ambitious outcome.

In fact, choosing a topic for such conferences is proved as being challenging and the criteria for this currently is number of requests from participants. Since 2009 Alexander Revenko held these seminars in Bratislava:

  • Neurology
  • Numerology
  • Respond reaction in SCENAR therapy.

Please check our Photo Gallery about conferences in Bratislava.

Congratulations, professor, dr. medicine Alexander Revenko!

In 2011 Alexander Revenko was awarded by Medal in the name of Anton Chekhov for significant professional achievements by Union of Writers of Russian Federation. Only 300 people in Russia were awarded. See additional documents >>.

See more information in flyer >>

Mexico, April 3, 2012 - April 10, 2012

Dear friends, Once again Pascua 2012 will be at the Riviera Maya in the Hotel Barceló Maya Colonial and Tropical Beach located on the Chetumal – Puerto Juárez Federal Highway, 75 km from Cancun International Airport and 25 km from Playa de Carmen.

For this occasion Alfredo has opened Pascua to family members, significant others and friends interested in the Path. Children are welcome to the event as long as their parents arrange for someone to take care of them during the group meetings. More information >>

Certification seminar for trainers in Moscow SCENAR Academy
in December 2011

From 1st to 6th December 2011 we make special trainer training with certification exam for our SCENAR therapists from Mexico, Brazil, Latvia, UK and Argentina. All of them passed the exam, received the certificates.

Also we have been in S.Peterburg with small tour to see Pushkin, Mariinsky theatre and meet our friends - Peterburg’s SCENAR therapists. The official representative Fedorova Nargiza organized also the warmest and hearty meeting that we decided in the end to do such conferences regularly.

See our Photo Gallery >>

From Russia with love !!! It is difficult to put in to words the experience of our trip to Russia, as each moment was as unique and richly decorated as the rooms of the Winter Palace and from the moment we arrived to the moment we left it was like some mysterious force had taken over all of our lives.

See all the text of the letter from Debra and Joe >>

October 1-6, 2011
17th International Scientific and Practical Conference
on SCENAR-Therapy and SCENAR-Expertise
Marmaris, Turkey

October 1-6, 2011 RITM OKB ZAO and SCENAR-center in Turkey (Marmaris) has hold 17th International Scientific and Practical Conference on SCENAR-Therapy and SCENAR-Expertise. 114 participants from 25 countries have got together. For the first time at conference there were representatives from Mlajzii, Ghana and Costa Rica.

The action-packed scientific program and schools were combined with the interesting cultural program and business meetings. Official documents on establishment of RITM OKB ZAO mission in the USA and Canada have been signed at conference. Work on consolidation of representations activity in RHYTHM GROUP is continued.

Alexander Revenko, Chris Mortensen, Elli Tomova, Joseph Semikatov, Gerhard Lang, Ognjan Landov, Oleg Ljutov, Jan de Eng and Aleksndr Nadtochy earned a medal “For development and promotion SCENAR-THERAPY in the world.

First G8th National Joint Conference RAMA-RADA-RASA
(Las Vegas, Nevada, USA) October 13-16, 2011

T. Goncharov , A. Revenko and I. Iontcheva-Barehmi from Tomatex exhibited at the 8th National Joint Conference RAMA-RADA-RASA* and were able to educate many of the attendees about the benefits of SCENAR technology for non pharmaceutical pain management. The interest shown was particularly in the application of SCENAR for chronic pain, a symptom that is usually present in many chronic illnesses. See photos >>

* - RAMA is the only nationwide organization representing the interests of Russian American medical professionals in the United States and Canada:

Russian American Medical Association
Russian American Dental Association
Russian Academic Science Association

10 years anniversary of seminars in Austria

It is quite uncertain when SCENAR was actually born. Some people feel it begun after some idea has established, while other think it begun after Gerhard Langmann`s first meeting with Milena Lipkova or perhaps since our first trip to Vienna, our first seminar there.

However, 10 years anniversary is all about the time back to our first seminar in Vienna. Back then we have already been to England many times and started to develop seminars` structure and different levels of education.

We celebrated our anniversary by teaching all our classic levels: Level 1 and Level 2, Advanced and Master Class levels. All our trainers have participated in the Conference as well as translators and, of course, directors of Enerbalance – Gerhard Langmann and Michael Hilbrand. Our oldest translator – not because of her age but because of the time she is translating for us in Vienna - right from the beginning – Inge Herher congratulated everyone on anniversary.

We continued in a peaceful restaurant in Vienna there we wished all the best to Austria and all the local people involved with the hope of prosperous and longstanding partnership in the future.

Regular seminars in Saint Petersburg

Professor Revenko visits St. Petersburg twice a year – in spring and in autumn - to teach newest updated Master Class there.

Organizer of these seminars – I. Federova - Nargiza – have discovered a very interesting and rewarding way of developing SCENAR therapy – she organizes Workshops with a treatment sessions of difficult patients there General Practitioners can observe the session and ask any questions arisen.

You can find more information on St. Petersburg’s Centre on our website under Partners section - please join us and see our Photo Gallery >>.

SCENAR Holidays in Odessa 2011

Traditionally in a summer time SCENAR Academy moves to Odessa.

This year we have had a productive, bright summer with trainings for the therapists form America, Bulgaria, Latvia and Moscow.

A. Revenko and G. Subbotina have tutor a few seminar such Level 1 and 2, SCENAR therapy of Big ten, Master Class in SCENAR therapy in Gynaecology and Paediatrics.

Moreover Prof. Revenko performed treatment sessions for difficult patients with combination of fresh air of beautiful Odessa and mud treatment from local famous Kuyalnik that is considered as second Dead Sea!

If you worry about your patients and like to study why not book a holiday in our summer SCENAR Academy and combine beach holidays – Black Sea is only minutes away - with training and treatment. Summer is fast approaching – why wait? Book and secure your place now! See our Photo Gallery >>.

SCENAR seminars in Italy 2011

In partnership with “Life quality project” SCENAR Academy has seminars in Italy, San Benedetto del Tronto for the second year running.

In 2011 we’ve completed a few Master Classes, Design in SCENAR therapy seminar, Depression, Pain and Cosmetology seminars. Prof. Revenko also deals with patients helping them to recover not only on physical but emotional level too.

We are planning to continue our seminars in Italy in 2012 and hoping what more therapist will attend the seminars given by Master and Creator of SCENAR therapy. See our Photo Gallery >>.

First German SCENAR therapists received first University diplomas

First German SCENAR therapists received first University diplomas of SCENAR specialization. All of them finished our previous training levels and in March 2011 they received University diplomas of SCENAR education from Europe-University of Viardana Frankfurt.

See photos (Germany, 2011, University of Viardana – Frankfurt) >>

New Trainer and Representative of Revenko SCENAR Academy
started to work in the UK (Southampton)

Dr. Elena Subbotina is one of the most experienced SCENAR doctors and trainers in the UK. Elena is a Russian Medical doctor and has worked in Revenko`s Clinic since 1995. She has always been very close to Professor Revenko, who is not only her step-father, but also is her Teacher and Mentor. She assists Professor in treating many different and often difficult patients, her experience in SCENAR therapy is unique and invaluable. When she`d finished Medical University Elena was continuing to work as a scientist and a Medical Doctor in one of Moscow governement`s Clinic. She`d also worked in one of the most famous SCENAR Clinic in Moscow (Zentromed). Dr.Zulia Frost, while working with SCENAR, had had brought first 12 British SCENAR therapists to this Clinic where they were had practical and theoretical seminars with professor Revenko.

Now Dr. Elena Subbotina is practices in the UK and sells SCENAR devices and trainings.

Here a few responses about Dr. Elena Subbotina`s seminars (which were received by Doctor Galina Subbotina):

Elena is so beautiful, (person and spirit) she is like a mini Gala, I was so glad to have had the opportunity to work and spend time with her

Just wanted to say what a great job Eleanor did yesterday and she is just a mini Galina!!!!

We met on Wednesday your Daughter Elena – She is very clever

To contact Dr. Elena Subbotina, please call on:
T: +44 7960 714 229, or email:
and visit her web site

Tomatex, Tamara Goncharov (USA, Texas, Arlington)
+1 817 899 5745 E-mail:
More information see at 

The Revenko's will be teaching 2 brand
new seminars from 24th - 26th October 2011

24th & 25th October
"Using SCENAR to treat stress and anxiety"

We know that many common diseases are a result of stress, but how do we treat these diseases and manage stress and anxiety when we all have such hectic lifestyles? How does the therapist treat themselves to ensure they stay healthy enough (mentally and physically)to heal their patients?

This brand new seminar is focused on how to treat the symptoms of stress and anxiety and the resulting illnesses with SCENAR Therapy. You will be shown techniques to use with your patients and on yourselves. This seminar is for SCENAR therapists who have completed a minimum of level 1 and 2 professional training.

26th October
"How to use the SCENAR (TMB) healing blanket"

Many of us have the TMB healing blankets and so do many of our patients and we all know how effective they are, but how many of us understand how they work and how to use them to achieve the best results? This amazing healing tool can be used as a stand alone treatment and also combined with SCENAR Therapy to achieve profound and lasting results. This is a practical workshop and is suitable for anyone who has a blanket so please invite your patients too!

Both seminars will be organised by the Pain Relief Centre and will take place in Chigwell, Essex (seminar cost to be confirmed). Hotel accommodation will be available close by for those of you travelling from abroad or from other parts of the UK.

More details will be sent to you closer to the time of the seminars. The numbers are very restricted so do please contact me early if you are interested in attending as places will be given purely on a first come first served basis.

Please contact to register you interest in these seminars.
Tel: 020 8500 0662 or Mob: 07956 624022

Approved Professional SCENAR training levels 1 & 2 now available in the U.K.

For the first time in the U.K Professor Revenko and Dr Subbotina of The SCENAR academy of Russia have approved a professional SCENAR training programme.

To become a qualified SCENAR Therapist, there are 2 levels of training:

Level 1 SCENAR training concentrates on the fundamental principals and practises of SCENAR Therapy and ensures that students have a thorough understanding of how SCENAR works. Level 1 focuses mainly on the subjective mode of treatment and the aim is to give students the correct knowledge, techniques (according to the methods of Professor Revenko) and confidence to go away and practise on friends and family immediately.

Level 2 focuses mainly on the objective mode and explains the different device settings and how and when to use them. This level also explains how to understand and interpret the information given in objective mode (e.g. IR; Dose; Zero etc). This level gives a clear and deeper understanding and more practical knowledge of how to use the device to achieve the best results.

Both levels are 2 days each. Of course there is much more to learn about SCENAR but the first 2 levels will give the therapist the knowledge and confidence to begin practising straight away, and to obtain professional indemnity insurance. Advanced training is on an ongoing basis.

Our teaching team consists of Debra Graham, Dr Kathryn Remington, Dr.Elena Subbotina and Helen Danzy, who have been approved to teach the methods of Professor A. Revenko of the SCENAR academy of Russia (one of the inventors of SCENAR Therapy).

Our aim is to give exceptional training and ongoing support to students, as far as we are concerned your journey only begins with us, it doesn't end!

Our course certification bears the endorsement of Professor Revenko of the SCENAR academy of Russia.

The minimum requirement to commence training is level 3 anatomy & physiolgy (e.g. ITEC, BTECH, vocational training) or evidence that this has been achieved as part of another holistic or medical training course.

The next level 1 training is Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th of July 2011 and level 2 is Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd August and will take place in Chigwell, Essex. The cost is ?300, this covers all training materials, lunches and refreshments during the training. If accommodation is required then details are available of nearby hotels. The nearest airport is Stansted and the closest tube stations are Grange Hill and Hainault on the central line.

For more information and to join our training programme:
Contact Debra Graham Tel: 020 8500 0662 or Mob: 07956 624022
or Kathryn Remington
Tel: 020 8201 0444 Mob: 07767 858011

Invitation to the professional and original SCENAR trainings to Italy

13 - 16 May 2011, San Benedetto del Tronto

Dear Sir / Madam, SCENAR Academy by professor A.Revenko have the pleasure of inviting you to the 1-st and 2-nd level of SCENAR training, taking place in SBT, Italy, from 13 to 16 May 2011.

The seminar language is English and Italian.

18-19 August 2011, San Benedetto del Tronto

We announce professional trainings: master Class 2 level with the founder of SCENAR medicine professor A.Revenko (in Russian and Italian) and Cosmetology course with Dr.G.Subbotina (in English and Italian).

The seminars will be hosted by International Organization “Life Quality Project”.

Please contact Monica Beccaria for the seminar program, registration form and any further information:   +39327 152 4011

In Netherlands, in Goes from 2nd to 3rd April 2011

SCENAR Academy made SCENAR seminar "Design of SCENAR course (how to build SCENAR course)". We during last years didn’t visit Netherlands with our original seminars. We met in our seminar so enthusiastic and nice people. They work with SCENAR, they have very good results and they so interesting to be with inventor and developer of SCENAR medicine. We received a feed back from RitmSCENAR representative Nancy de Vos:
   “I want to say thank you again for the inspiring two days in Goes!
Started with your protocols first thing the next week and already found major improvement in treatment results and also in joy. Working this way is much more dynamic (think that’s what SCENAR is about from origin). I feel enthusiast and also curious as I think about what possibilities there are”.

See photo gallery >>

See photos from The Highlight conference Belek 2011 >>

The first professional and original seminars
on SCENAR therapy in Italy 2010

In 2010 SCENAR Academy by professor A.Revenko has begun professional seminars in Italy.

The first seminar has taken place in Verona in July, 2010. The organizer is the official representative of RitmSCENAR - Nicolo Dacomo. The Italian doctors and physiatrists have taken part in the seminar. The basic direction of the seminar is to receive the original and professional knowledge on SCENAR therapy from the founder of SCENAR therapy and the author of SCENAR patents Alexander Revenko. All participants said about high level of the organization, accurate system of the knowledge, general principles and rules, algorithms and integration of east and western medicine. The organizer of seminars, the official representative of the International organization RitmSCENAR, Nicolo Dacomo, told about actual creation of professional trainings in Italy.

And, in a trace behind the first training, in October, 2010 Nicolo Dacomo has organized the next seminar in Rome.

Except above seminars Dr. Subbotina Galina has given 3 seminars (1,2 and 3 levels of International educational SCENAR programs) to San Benedetto del Tronto, in September and in October, 2010.

Listeners of the given seminars is the group of doctors, physiatrists, veterinaries, masseurs, healers , aroma-therapists form Italy, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Germany. The given seminars have different mood and energy of the participants, who live for few years in a harmony with the Universe, they use energy practices, work on holistic rules and laws. To work with such group and it is easy and responsible.

All held seminars have designated an important problem to organize the professional trainings in Italy. All participants have expressed in feedback questionnaires they desire to be in Revenko Group to study SCENAR with Master and to prepare International conference in 2011.

Hi Italy! The surprising country of outstanding scientists, artists, sculptors, also we hope of outstanding SCENAR therapists!

See Photo gallery >>

The HF Pain Relief Centre is delighted to announce the dates for the next training seminars with Professor Alexandre Revenko and Dr Galina Subbotina in Essex, U.K.

"Designing a SCENAR Therapy course" 8th - 9th November 2010

The 1st seminar will be a 2 day course on how to design a course of SCENAR Therapy. You will learn a completely new way to treat your patients to get fast results with all conditions whether they are acute or chronic.

"I attended the design a SCENAR therapy course last December and I can honestly say that this is the one course I have attended that has made the most difference to my SCENAR practise. The techniques I learnt are so effective and get results so much quicker and this in turn has resulted in a big increase in patient referrals. If you only attend one SCENAR seminar make sure it is this one!!"

This seminar has a large practical element so you will leave feeling confident to incorporate the new techniques in to your practise straight away.

SCENAR - RISTA seminar 10th November 2010.
Turn your SCENAR device into a diagnostic tool!

The traditional RISTA device is the hardware-software reflex diagnostic complex that improves the results of SCENAR devices and TMB blankets. The RISTA provides information that increases the efficiency of the SCENAR-therapists' work and helps to minimize the time of treatment. You can now learn how to use your own SCENAR device to read acupunctural point data and process this information according to Nakatani's method. This method helps to give an objective estimation of the patient's state, to localize the influence zones for Scenar-therapy and to control the treatment course.

This 1 day seminar will give you all the information you need to experience the benefits of RISTA technology without the additional expense.

"I couldn't believe how easy it was to learn how to use my SCENAR as a diagnostic RISTA tool, I can't wait to use it on my patients".

Both seminars will be held in Buckhurst Hill, Essex and accommodation will be available close to the venue for those unable to commute. The full venue and travel details to be confirmed.

Cost: The cost for the 2 day seminar is (TBC) and for the SCENAR & RISTA (TBC). There will be a (TBC) discount for those attending both seminars. The cost will include all training materials, lunch and refreshments.

A certificate will be presented on completion of the course/s.

Contact: For further information, please contact Debra Graham
Please note my new email address is
Tel: +44 208 501 6265 M: 07956 624022

NB: Cancellation Policy

Please be advised that as places at both seminars are limited, a cancellation policy will apply to all bookings. A 50% refund will be given if a cancellation is made up to 14 days before the seminar; after this we regret that no refunds can be given.

SCENAR-training in Dallas, Texas USA November 17th – 21th, 2010

Dear Colleagues, we are pleased to announce the 4rd SCENAR TRAINING coming Dallas Texas USA November 17th – 21th, 2010. This unique 5-day workshop provides a high level training experience for the participants. We believe this important SCENAR event will help all participants to enhance their knowledge and gain new techniques to apply in their practice. The registration is open at .

16th International Conference on SCENAR-therapy and SCENAR-expertise was held on the Black Sea Coast, Bulgaria, on September 4-10. The conference was dedicated to the 30th anniversary of RITM OKB ZAO and 10th anniversary of our Bulgarian branch office - SCENAR-Bulgaria.

See photo gallery >>.

First professional SCENAR training in Serbia

In Belgrad (Serbia) in summer time Dr.Subbotina Galina made seminars of 1 and 2 levels of SCENAR Academy program. The organizer Olga Turner (she started already to build Serbian SCENAR Association). Serbian doctors and therapists were so interested in lectures, practices and patients treatment sessions.

See photo gallery >>.

Trainer training in Odesa (Ukraine) from 3-rd to 6-th of August 2010

In this exam 4 participants, 4 experienced SCENAR therapists made a training and exams. All of them received the certificates to make SCENAR seminars from the inventor and author of SCENAR medicine prof. A.Revenko. We congratulate our colleges:

  • Debra Graham (UK, Essex),
  • Helen Dazey (UK, Essex),
  • Waldemar Bauer (Germany, Berlin),
  • Ruslan Spivak (Austria, Vienna).

SCENAR Summer in Odesa 2010

SCENAR Academy by prof.A. Revenko spend 4-th summer in Odessa (Ukraine).
In summer time we:

  • Make different seminars with many different topics, some seminar we prepare according SCENAR therapist request
  • Treat patients from all over the world, because in Odessa they combine SCT, holiday, SPA session, nice service, national cuisine and specific history of Odessa
  • In Odesa Revenko can think and work very easy, relaxed and productive and write few books in Odesa (Book for SCENAR trainers, Protocols for external electrodes and Protocols for Healing blankets). In this summer together with Moiseew and Revenko Ukrainian Ministry of Health published first Methodological book of SCENAR therapy in Pediatrics.

In this summer between our scheduled seminars in Odessa we made: seminars for Austrian therapists, for the group of Mexican doctors, trainer training and many sessions for different patients.

See our photo-Gallery >>.

The first professional SCENAR seminar on veterinary medicine

Professor A.Revenko made the first professional seminar on the application of SCENAR therapy in veterinary practice in Essex, UK, 17 - 18 April 2010.

For us, the "human" doctors, to make such special seminar was not easy. We had "shoveled" a lot of textbooks on anatomy, physiology and clinic of animals, but what inspired us? For the last several years we received many questions and requests from veterinarians to do professional training (as each SCENAR therapist at least once treated their pet), but professionally nobody suggested no one protocol, no one special technique or zone. Another point of our wishes to make Vet seminar was our great experience in SCENAR therapy and sufficiently close anatomical and physiological and clinical pictures of animals – all these points were allowed to create and conduct vet seminar.

The seminar was attended by professional vets, which imposes liability on the lecturer - Professor A. Revenko. The seminar was vivid and interesting, full of impressions. Seminar had the theoretical part and practical exercises, because it was held in a private farm, where we treated many different animals, including horses Champions fairly rare breed. In the practice all participants observed different responses according different external electrodes, special zones, different modes (D-0 and D-1). See photos in "Photo Gallery" - "SCENAR and animals".

In USA, in March 2010, we finished one more trainer training with certifications of new our colleagues.

Now in USA and Mexico we have our certified trainers, who will run seminars with good quality and original knowledge.

Here are photos of our seminar. Our new trainers are: Heather Ulwik, Karen Winograd and Katie Noonan. See the page " Scenar Trainrts" for photos.

Seminar day.

Highlight 2010

German SCENAR Academy, Austrian SCENAR Association, Swiss SCENAR Society and SCENAR Academy by prof. A.Revenko finished the regular biggest SCENAR conference. It took a place in Egypt, Soma Bay, from 4-th to 11-th of February 2010.

From the full formation of SCENAR and many other topics relevant to the SCENAR therapy, the SCENAR Academies have always been well appreciated for the seriousness of not only the details but the contend of those lectures. Always, the importance was given to not only the theoretical aspect of the art but the practical as well.

The art of medicine is not to treat a sick patient but to keep that person in a good health. It is a difficult task in our modern society, simply because we are inclined to search for the easy way to live. Our trainers in Egypt gave us many different combinations of SCENAR therapy and: TCM, homotoxicology, kinesiology, quantum medicine, BMS, mesotherapy, chyrotherapy, Qui Gong etc. The participants had few seminars with new topics like “How SCENAR is changed the relationship between a patient and a doctor in a orthopaedic clinic”, “SCENAR therapy is a new creative medicine of quantum medicine”.

Also the Director of German SCENAR Academy announced that SCENAR education is available from the University Viadrina of Complementary medicine in Frankfurt (Oder), they are given in any country for any organisation dealing with health. All information you can take from the organizers and University.

Photos from conference >>

Second professional training in America

The Seminars in Stamford (Connecticut state) passed from 13-th to 18-th of November 2009. The seminars were organized by TOMATEX company (Tamara Goncharova is the official representative in America of OCB Rhythm and of SCENAR Academy of Prof. A.Revenko). These seminars have been the next action of our Academy to unify and standard all SCENAR training programs in USA.

The Program of the passed conferences was built that all representatives of many different organization in USA, who are involved in SCENAR business, have been able to hear the original ideas of multiple seminars from firsthand. The Founder and Author of SCENAR medicine Prof..A.REVENKO and Dr. G.SUBBOTINA have been conducted 5 seminars: 1-st level, Scoliosis, Cosmetology, Stress and Pain Management, RISTA.

The Purpose of our seminars is to bring to USA the original knowledge on SCENAR therapy, to train and certify trainers and representatives of the different companies.

The Reviews of participants to conferences:

"Never heard and never thought before that there is graceful system of the knowledge in SCENAR science with philosophy and laws. I have been not taught this earlier, when I have gained my first SCENAR and passed first course. Presently I understood that now I’ll be able to help my patients, I will study all available materials of SCENAR. Thank you for knowledge"

V.Ostri, New York

"Before meeting professor A.REVENKO and doctor Subbotina, I have been heard several times the different trainers to try to build myself some rules and laws of healing, it was not much successfully. Now I just absorbed your ideas and philosophy. Thank you for the understandable and intelligibility of the whole heard materials. Sincerely thank T.GONCHAROV for organization of such seminar in USA. Hope, you will develop and organize same conferences further, maybe with new topics, new ideas, new subjects."

CH. Sternfild, Florida

"We were outlived for our daughter, beside her scoliosis. On seminar of the professor A.REVENKO we have seen the real decision of our problem. We have already begun to treat her with SCENAR. Certainly remains much questions, but the main, we have seen the purpose and possibility to help our daugther. Thank you!"

T. M., Boston

Photos from conference >>

There was one more event during passed conferences. Professor A.REVENKO was invited in famous clinic "Body tuning" in Carnegie Hall of prof. Shmuel Tatz. Read the material about this meeting in our section “What is SCENAR”

Next SCENAR seminar in Austria was ended, it was bright of impressions, classical engulfed to subjects, with inner feeling, new and "old" patients, with opened and alive contacts with Austrians, who were became native and close for 8 years of the work in Austria.

So accustomed and native become seminars in Austria and their organizers - Gerhard Langmann and Michael Hillbrand that, having returned to Moscow, I have caught myself on thoughts that no one report about conferences in loved Austria has written for 8 years. Presently I try to tell you about SCENAR in the most successful country of SCENAR world.  Read more >>

SCENAR-Academy by prof. Revenko announces of new seminar for chronic patients and home users of SCENAR devices “SCENAR and SPA for the chronic patients” From 28-th of December 2009 to 7-th of January 2010 Reef Hotel, Coral Beach, Eilat, Israel.

The Seminar is conducted in inter-active form. Each patient takes the active participation in a process of the treatment, shaping Master - plan, strategies of the choice, selection, analysis and estimations; developing the concepts of the multifunction treatment.

On completion of the course each participant gets the material on CD with the individual plan and methods for the further self treatment. Read more >>

Dear friends and SCENAR therapists! We invite you to join us – UK Team Revenko Group. It is a free service that allows you to stay in touch with your friends and colleagues, to meet new SCENAR practitioners who share our experience, knowledge, news and interests.

To join us, please contact with Phil Porter: has invited you to join the TeamRevenkoUKgroup!

The International SCENAR conference "Summer SCENAR Holiday" passed in the hotel "Glarus", Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, from 14 to 21 June, 2009.

This conference was not so large in the last time, but probably the most successful and new on its themes and organizations. 30 SCENAR therapists took a part on the conference: from Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Austria, Poland, Great Britain, Ireland, USA, South Africa, Canada and France.

The Conference was organized by SCENAR Academy of prof. A.Revenko, dr. G. Subbotina (Russia) and Dr. M. Jeleva (Bulgaria). The Main key events of the conference are:

- A conference turned out to be new on themes and organizations, practical directivity of the education liked all participant and we plan to continue the undertaking conference, in which aptly match it is enough intensive seminars and possibility to repose in beautiful country with friends and family, enjoying sunny weather, warm sea and beautiful service;

- 3 additional seminars were organized on the conference: neurology, cosmetology and reflexology;

- On the conference heavy and interesting patients were treated, for 6 days SCENAR therapists took part in a process of SCENAR procedures: questioning, checkup, decision making, choice of the methods, zones, program of the influence, on the following session defined the speaker, took the following decision and so during all 6 procedures. Interesting, creative and varied turned out to be the process of SCENAR therapy in presentation of prof..A.REVENKO, Dr. G.SUBBOTINA and Dr. M.JELEVA;

- Forages and solemn suppers were accompanied us each evening, beautiful kitchen and public Bulgarian dances and music;

- Several meetings and discussions were organized at the period of the conference with theme of united marketing politics in SCENAR world.

The Participants have noted that given type of seminar is the most interesting and useful for practical persons, the conference was organized in accordance with high standard of the International program of SCENAR formation. We hope that such conferences will become one of the powerful stimulus of the development of SCENAR technologies, because of the reviews which were received by organizers of this conference.

Photos from conference >>

Annually at March - April the most multiple German - speaking SCENAR Assotiation invites their SCENAR therapists on the main action of the year - "SCENAR Highlight". These conferences are conducted annually since 2004 on Mallorca (Spain). We participate regularly in all conferences, little envying to German colleagues, envying to their enthusiasm, professionalism and friendship. The organizers of the conferences are: Hans Burr, Gerhard Langmann and Kurt Tiefenthaler.

"SCENAR Highlight" is an intensive contact and education beside professionals - practical persons from Germany, Austria, Switzerland: orthopedist, psychologist, surgeon, osteopaths, specialist on kinesiology, complementary and biological medicine, which have found successful using and combination of SCENAR therapy with their own practical skills.

Each year "SCENAR Highlight" can not contain all interested persons, collecting annually more than 200 participants already from different countries (except Germany, Austria and Switzerland) like Australia, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy and other countries. For 5 days in given 2009 participants have been able to participate in 11 (!) seminars, subjects were so interesting and varied that sometimes you have to choose. The Subjects of seminars are: lymphatic therapy and SCENAR (was given by the neurosurgeon from Berlin, Dr.Hansen Knut), SCENAR therapy of trigger points (Dr.Crisitian Engelbert), homeopathy and SCENAR, schemes and results of the treatment of the sterility(Dr.Susanna Lukas), kinesotherapy and osteopathy and SCENAR (docent of sport medicine department of Potsdam University, Dr. Ditrih Lazek), SCENAR in practical person of the psychotherapist (Dr. Ottentaller), combination SKENAR and tapping (Kristian Engelibert), SKENAR and acupuncture (Dr. Popat), SCENAR in practice of the orthopedist (Dr. Goetz). A.REVENKO and G.SUBBOTINA conducted the Master Classes (SCENAR therapy of different types of pain and Design of SCENAR course).

"SCENAR Highlight" is a rest and a development, this special territory in SCENAR world with opening atmosphere, decisions, heat of the relations, enthusiasm and priceless relationship of professionals. Each conference brings the openings, new names, new subjects of seminar, new forms of the work and education. There is Invariably one is a space space of the friendship, opening, impressions, this life, which lasts for five days and five nights, leaving unforgettable impressions and enormous emotional, intellectual and energy charge for the rest of the whole year (before the following conference).

Photos from conference >>

15th - 21th June 2009, Sunny Beach resort, Bulgaria. In 5 consecutive days the leading SCENAR trainers and master therapists Prof. Alexander Revenko, Dr. Galina Subbotina and Dr. Marieta Jeleva will demonstrate treatment of actual patients with different complaints. Read more >>

In the context of development of SCENAR therapy in UK, in Essex from 9-th to 10-th of December 2008 regular SCENAR seminar took a place.

Next topics were viewed:

  • historical, philosophical, scientific, orthodox and alternative aspects of pain determinations,
  • development of scientific researches of pain,
  • different types of therapy of pain,
  • stages and new methods of SCENAR therapy of pain.

Participants from UK, USA, Bulgaria and Russia took a part in the conference.

The conference permits to meet SCENAR specialists from different regions of UK, to discuss common problems, to place business contacts. All topics were demonstrated on the real patients with different types of acute and chronic pain. Interest was arisen by discussion of: decision – making, of choosing of methods, of valuation of results, of planning of SCENAR course.

The conference took a part in a period of 10-th Anniversary of the first seminar in UK. It was interestingly that the first and present conferences were hold on the basis of Famous Golf Clubs. This event we celebrated with Birthday Cake with 10 candles.

Photos from conference >>

From 24-th to 30-th of August 2008 in Switzerland, on the mountain Rigi, passed first meeting and training of SCENAR teachers from America, Canada, South Africa, Bulgaria, Russia, Australia, Switzerland.

The Main subject of the meeting was "Standardization of training programs on SCENAR therapy".
The Organizer of the meeting is SCENAR Academy of the founder of SCENAR medicine by A.N.REVENKO.

The First working day we considered the presentations to subjects "What is SCENAR", got acquainted with each other. In accordance with subject we have discuused and unified the principles to presentations to new technology "SCENAR". The Participants of the meeting have told about their own companies, organizations, results, projects. The Debate "What is a SCENAR" was conducted by the founder of the method, co-author of patents for SCENAR, OLM and RISTA, Revenko A.N. and he offered the most faithfull subjects, words, names.

The Following 3 days were dedicated to consideration of the studying programs of 1-st and 2-nd levels of beginning level and seminar of increasing to qualifications. We discussed next subjects: What and how to teach? The Experience of the interaction and of the formation in Russia, Europe and Australia. What want to listen the students and what is ready to do the training organizations. In discussion form we were uncovered the examples and experiences of successful projects of the most different organization. The Result of the discussion were an unified programs of the education.

The Last day of the meeting we have discussed the questions of marketing and developments: trends and obstacles of development of SCENAR education in the world, progressive ideas, successful projects, ethics in business and relations. Helen Gracie (Australia) has emerged with presentation of the new company "Global SCENAR Academy" (GSA), which is a joint company of SCENAR Academy by A. REVENKO (Russia, Moscow), "SCENAR - health" by Chris Mortensen (Australia, Sidney) and Rhythm Australia, Elly Tomova (the branch of OCB Rhythm, Taganrog). Helen has told about missions and purpose of the new company: improvement and development of SCENAR education in the world, support of the teachers, users and distributors. Helen has reported on grandiose project of the creation training and supporting Internet site GSA.

As always the program of conference did not end the work’s hours, but lasted in breaks and evenings. On these actions, in the course of informal contact participants had a beautiful possibility to conduct discussion and tie the useful acquaintance. Nature Itself and encirclement of the mountain Rigi (the queens of the mountains of the Europe) promoted seminal functioning, enthusiasm participant and desire of the development.

The Total of the meeting was taking resolution about regular undertaking the similar meetings, consolidation of all participants of the SCENAR market, creation of the favourable ambience for development SCENAR education.

One more total was a decision on undertaking the similar meeting and training for russian-speaking teachers of the Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Kazakhstan.

Photos from the meeting >>

We are pleased to inform you that RITM OKB ZAO has set up its branch in Australia - RITM Australia Pty Ltd in June 2007.