The Place Of RISTA-Diagnostics In SCENAR-Therapy

Subbotina G., Moscow, Russia

SCENAR-therapy today has an approved image, its own philosophy and jargon, history, legends, and receives a greater and greater recognition in the life and practice of medicine. The SCENAR-therapy holds a holistic view on human being. It has an unique characteristics of the acting impulse, i.e. it is similar to the electric substrate of the organism, it is subordinated to the laws of activity the neuro fibers and receptors, non-aggression, informational level of influence, lack of addiction, biofeedback. It contains in its arsenal everything necessary for healing.

The narrow specialization in medicine has proven its deadliness. Every element in our organism is synchronized with the whole, (otherwise it dies). From an element one can diagnose the whole organism and perform the respective correction. There are many examples in the practice of non-traditional medicine, that illustrate this IRT, ART, Su-Jock, Iris Diagnosis, acu-points and zones of correspondence on the palms, heels, nose, lips, etc., zones of symmetry and reciprocity.

The whole SCENAR philosophy and technology is based on its concepts of asymmetry (AS), small asymmetry (SAs), cyclical nature, dynamics, vectors, oppositions, i.e., on laws, similar to those of philosophy and the universe. Everyone knows the main principle of the SCENAR procedure - here and now. This is the principle of the main, active complaint as an element of the holograph principle of the structure of the Universe and the organism. All levels of the human organism and the total information of past, present and future are gathered at the respective moment and place of the complaint.

The main purpose of the SCENAR therapy is to find the SAs (at all levels of influence consciousness, emotions and the physical body) at every moment of its application, to implement the principles of the SCENAR technology (vector, dynamics, cyclical nature), and to evaluate the results of its effects, i.e., to establish its dynamics. In the SCENAR therapy the result is determined not by the disappearance of the physical complaints, but from the healing of the mental-emotional level, the change affected in the life of the patient and a confirmation of the anamnesis. Considering the principles of SCENAR technology we do not accentuate on the physical, organic complaints of the patient.

Let us discuss RISTA. The Diagnostic Complex consists of three systems Nakatani, Auricolodiagnostics (ARD) and Voll. 90% of the users utilize only the complex Nakatani in their work. Why? ARD gives a final analysis of the functions of the organs, i.e., it evaluates the work of the organism and the pathology only at the physical level. In addition, it is very painful even for adult and high-pain-tolerating patients. The Voll diagnostics goes even deeper into the anatomical and histological problems of the tissues and cells. Therefore it is primarily used in orthodox medicine, where the diagnosis is formed both for the patient and the doctor in a similar fashion.

Nakatani arrives at a conclusion, which corresponds to the postulates of holistic medicine: we receive information about the energetic level, about the functions of the adaptation systems (AdS), about AS of all parts of the body. This helps to choose the zone for influence and to coordinate it with the philosophy of the SCENAR therapy. This methodics for measuring the electric skin impedance (ESI) of the diagnostic points is very simple, takes no more than 10 minutes and is considerably correct (as our patients themselves note).

Where and why do we use the diagnostic charts riodoraku and the square diagrams? 1. With primary patients in order to establish the dynamics of healing in the process of SCENAR therapy (one compares the charts in dynamics). 2. For visualization and interpretation of results and the dynamics of healing with patients, who think that their physical complaint is not changing in the course of therapy. Evaluation of the dynamic of the energy level, of the functions of the vegetative nervous system (VNS), of the immune, hormonal and psycho-emotional systems major AdS helps in this case.

According to the healing principles (the Hering Laws), under the correct course of treatment, the organism strives to heal its own deeper and more important systems, and then moves to the superficial and peripheral ones. 3. For the choice of influence zones, strategy of the SCENAR therapy and methods for treatment of more complicated patients with low energy level, weak complaint dynamics, recovery of the functions and the numerical corridors (NC).

To many patients SCENAR is a completely satisfactory device for choosing treatment zone, methodic of influence and dynamics. The SCENAR, as a self-regulating system, in many cases does not need any additional help, especially if it is related to the orthodox understandings of the complaint.