Comparison Of The Effectiveness Of SMC And SCENAR-Influence
In Recovery Of Thw Body Functions Of Sportsmen After Training

Lopatina A. B., Perm, Russia

It is well known that the recovery of sportsmen after muscle activity is an extremely important and topical problem. Under recovery we understand a complex of processes taking place in the organism and leading to normalization of the physical and psychological capacity after different kinds of strain. In order to make the optimal choice a comparative analysis of the effectiveness of the great variety of methods for recovery including those, used in sports, needs to be done.

The aim of the study was to evaluate the recovery effect of the sinusoidal modulated currents (SMC) and SCENAR-influence on the biological parameters of the blood of sportsmen in training conditions. 96 athletes were studied in a period of 10 days. The parameters of the carbohydrates metabolism (concentration of glucose and lactic acid in blood), the protein metabolism (protein and urea levels, CPC, ALT, AST ferments), water-mineral exchange (K+, Na+, Ca2+, Cl-), the level of testosterone and cortisone, Hb and pH levels were measured. Blood samples were taken trice: in the morning, on an empty stomach, before training; immediately after training; after 10 days. The sportsmen were divided into 3 uniform groups of 32 persons each: control group, group with application of SMC (Deviatkina methodics, 1998), and group treated with SCENAR.

According to the acquired results, in the control group, normalization of some of the biochemical parameters was observed, indicating recovery processes after the strain. Recovery of greater number of parameters was observed in the group with SMC in comparison with the control one. Yet not all parameters were normalized in 10 days. In the third group recovery of all parameters, respectively the body functions, was observed.

Thus SMC and SCENAR influence optimize the body functions of the sportsmen in the recovery period and could be recommended for sports rehabilitation. SCENAR turns out to be amore effective method of influence.