From The Diady Of The SCENAR-Practitioner
Specifics Of SCENAR-Therapy In Pregnant Women

Nikitin K.V., Tomsk, Russia

1. Arguments.

2. Methodic.

3. Discussion of the results.

12 patients were treated. Problems connected with pregnancy (toxicosis, threatened abortion, metabolic disturbances) or exacerbation of previous diseases made it necessary to have the treatment.

Results show 90% success of the treatment. The effect of the treatment of diseases, exacerbated during the pregnancy, was considerably higher than that achieved before the pregnancy.

This shows that SCENAR therapy during the pregnancy is not only possible but even more efficient, although it should be carried out with extreme attention and caution. The rule SCENAR practitioner is always right here is not applicable, that is why this methodic is not recommendable for beginner SCENAR practitioners.