The Use Of SCENAR In Urgent Situations

Tarakanov A., Los E., Kushnarev V., Dmitrienko I., Liashenko P., Zginnik N.,
Rostov-on-Don, Stavropol, Piatigorsk, Zheleznovodsk, Russia

The mobilization with SCENAR of the adaptation systems of the body in conditions of acute disturbance of its functions gives grounds to use of the device in urgent cases.


The SCENAR integration in public health services, the use of SCENAR-therapy in the work of the ambulance teams as an adequate method for treatment.

Material and methods

19 emergency physicians in 4 cities in Rostov and Stavropolski region participated in this study. 162 patients were treated with device Chens SCENAR Realization 2. 52 of the patients were men (average age 52.9) and 110 women (average age 57.9). 57% of the patients did not take any drugs until the use of SCENAR. In 72 of the patients (44%) for stabilization of the condition and prolonging the effect after the SCENAR treatment drugs were involved additionally. The main indications for the use of SCENAR were: hypertonic crises (n=82); pain syndromes in diseases of the spinal cord, muscular-skeleton system and traumas (n= 47); stenocardial attacks (n=4); complicated acute respiratory diseases (n=10); keen bronchial asthma (n=4); about 1-2 cases patients with different complaints of gastritis, herpes, algodysmenorrhea, palliative help in cancer diseases, liver and kidney colic, effective help at acute myocardial infarction with reflex shock of 2nd degree.

All physicians, participating in the study, noticed the high effectiveness and security of the proposed method of treatment. Inhibition of different syndromes, symptoms, pains and hypertonia was recorded in 90 to 100% of the cases. It is necessary to mention the high security in inhibition of hypertonic crises in adult patients, where lightly decrease of all the hemodynamic parameters was observed in 15-25% from the initial, which prevented the ischemia of the target-organs.

It has to be noted that in urgent situations what we believe to be the main doctrine for using the SCENAR-therapy was proved once again. SCENAR is a sanogenetic method for treatment from the patient to nosology and not the other way round.