About The Experience Of The First SCENAR-Centre In The Netherlands

Khorounjaia N., Rassomakhina E., Tarakanov A., Kuptsova E.,
Kuimcheva M., Kazimirova L., Flissingen, the Netherlands

Aim of the report is to present the experience of the first SCENAR Centre in the Netherlands, functioning since January 2003 and set up by Jan de Jong, director of the International Kosmed PLC.

40 patients, aged from 10 to 74, were treated on their own initiative in the center. The treatment was provided by a partlially changing team of Russian SCENAR specialists. Most of the patients turned to the center on the advice of other patients, having beneficial results from the SCENAR treatment. Most of the patients (30) were aged over 50. They were suffering from chronic diseases and had lost hope in medical help. Half of the patients suffered continuously from arthrosis, arthritis, oyjers from sleeplessness, asthma, pathology of the digestive tract, chronic fatigue, or complained from pains in the back.

The treatment was provided with RITMprofscenar (model 97.4+) and the diagnostic examination with Ristochka or the complex Rista-EPD. In 14 of the patients SCENAR therapy was combined with the Russian multilayer healing blanket.

The following preliminary results are reported after 6 months functioning of the Centre: complete or partial remission was acheived in 36 of the patients. Along with the clinical improvement some of the patients had stopped the medication therapy, lasting for more than 10 years in some cases or at least reduction of the doze of the taken medication was acheived. Through the SCENAR expertise and the diagnostic by Ristochka it became possible to suspect, diagnose and remove a tumor of the kidney in good time.

The acquired results prove the effectiveness of SCENAR therapy in the patients from the Netherlands, which brings a feeling of satisfaction both in the patients and the SCENAR specialists.