Treatment Of Alopecia, Burns And Psoriasis
In Bioregeneration SCENAR-Centre Slovakia

Lipkova. M., Sabova N., Bratislava, Slovakia

SCENAR therapy in III A degree burn

Material and methods

Patient P.R., age 44, diagnosis - III A degree burn of both arms

The treatment started at the fourth day after the trauma.

1. Swelling, which limits the movement of the fingers on the right hand;

2. Inflamation of the skin;

3. Considerable local pain.

SCENAR treatment was provided for 7 days. In the first tree days general zones were mainly stimulated twice a day and at the same time the wound was directly treated with SCENAR. Regime SW and frecuency 351 Hz with low intensity. The pain started to reduce immediately, the movement of the right finger was improved. Around the wound were applied ointments based on vitamins and minerals. At the third day SCENAR was used every two hours while during the pauses the patient regenerated in magnet blanket. The next SCENAR procedures were carried out once a day.


On the seventh day the depigmented skin dragged down and on the right hand crust was formed, which fellen in a week’s time. After this burn the patient had no scars and cicatrix, everything healed.


SCENAR therapy can be successfully applied directly on open wounds.

SCENAR therapy of alopecia

Material and methods

Patient L.Z., aged 22. Diagnosis – alopetic areas on the temporal and the occipital zones.

Treatment was provided for 10 years without positive results. It was found out, through the virtual program STRANNIK, that the most weakened was the degistive system, with decreased secretory function and detoxication. Combine therapy was started – impulse Signal therapy based on STRANNIK, SCENAR and alimentary additives of the TJANSI company.


Activation of the digestive organs occured after SCENAR therapy. On the alopetic zones small gray hairs appeared, which fell down spontaneously. The condition of the patient was considerably improved only after the addition of impulse Signal therapy. After six months alopetic zones were covered with normal hairs.


We recommend the combination of SCENAR and information Signal therapy STRANNIK. It turned out that the detoxication with the products of the TJANSI company is also very effective.

SCENAR therapy in psoriasis

Material and methods

Patient J.R., aged 49, diagnosis psoriasis vulgaris with more than 20 years history. The most functionally overloaded system (the gastro-intestinal) was revealed by Virtual scanning STRANNIK.

On the 1st day SCENAR diagnostics and work on the general zones was done.

On the 2nd day we worked on the Chakras and the damaged skin areas.

On the following day we used craniotherapy and worked on the whole digestive system, paying special attention to the liver; Doubles in triples on the back technics was applied.

Simultaneously we applied Informational Signal therapy (STRANNIK) and alimentary additives of the TJANSI Company. We consider this step to be one of the most important in the treatment course of psoriasis.


After 10 day therapeutic course the quantity of the lesions on the head sharply diminished and those on the arms and legs became fewer and smoother. 10 months later there are only few lesions on the legs, the forearms and the head have healed completely.


For the treatment of psoriasis along with SCENAR therapy we suggest first clean up of the digestive system, detoxication of the whole organism by taking alimentary additives of the TJANSI Company and Signal therapy STRANNIK.