One More SCENAR Fairy Tale

Maljushko O., Kiev, Ukraine

It seemed to me that miracles happen somewhere else - far away from me. And I am doing just an ordinary work, in an ordinary SCENAR-center where we achieve the expected results.

In May 2002, Natasha M. (43 years old) turned to us with complaints of a profuse irregular menstruation, periodic pains low in the abdomen, fast tiredness, low work capacity, bad sleep.

Anamnesis: a diagnosis nodular leiomyoma of the uterus, corresponding to 9-10- week pregnancy, sclerocystosis of the ovaria was established for the first time in 1996. In 1998 a fibromatous nodule was removed. In the last five years a cyst of the right ovarium was found out periodically by ultrasound examinations (USE). An operative treatment was offered several times, which was refused by the woman.

From the age of five the patient has had a suspected diagnosis of congenital insufficiency of the suprarenal gland cortex. The diagnosis was confirmed in the Institute of endocrinology in Moscow. A hormone substitutive therapy was prescribed. A second group of disability was given since childhood. In 1982 - premature childbirth. The child was given a diagnoses of congenital vice of the heart.

I will cite the USE results of the kidneys done on February 12th 2000 at the Institute of Endocrinology and Metabolism (Kiev): The kidneys are typically localized, with normal size and dense pielocalix complexes bilaterally. The suprarenal glands are not visualized, additional formations in their projection areas are not defined.

Diagnosis: chronic moderately severe suprarenal insufficiency in a stage of subcompensation, endocrine encephalopathia, leiomyoma of the uterus, disturbed menstrual cycle.

SCENAR therapy was suggested. 15 procedures with the SCENAR 97.4+ were carried out using subjective and individually measured out regimes. Methodics from the Master class course were applied and external comb-electrode was used. As a result the pains in the stomach stopped, menstrual cycle was recovered, sleep was normalized, work capacity was enhanced.

Our next meeting took place not untill a year later. During this period Natalia was feeling satisfactory, she never turned to a physician for help. 17 SCENAR procedures were done in conection with an active complaint (acute rhinitis). The patient was examined by an endocrinologist at that time. Results from the USE of the organs of the small pelvis (April, 13-th 2003) leiomyoma of the uterus with size corresponding to 6-7 weekly pregnancy. USE of the kidneys (April, 15-th 2003) kidneys N.A.D., right suprarenal gland - 15x12 mm, the left one was not visualized.

So here you have a SCENAR fairy tale! After more than 40 years a glandular tissue appeared in this woman. This confirms the postulate of the holographic nature of the organism, confirming the possibilities for realisation of the inherited genetic programmes in mature age.

Is it really the time for the SCENAR fairy tales rubric to be closed.