The Complex Approach To Diagnostics
And Treatment Of Different Diseases

Tyutyunnikova G.A., Rostov-on-Don, Russia

The SCENAR practitioner, working with the patients as an entire structure, needs special diagnostic manipulations, permitting the condition not only of separate organs, their organic and functional disturbances, but the condition of the regulating mechanisms as a whole to be defined as well.

A diagnostic complex, that relieves the work of SCENAR practitioners and makes it more conscious, got recognition over 7 years of work in the Regional Family Centre of Rostow.

This complex includes:

1. An express method for determining the individual chrono-biological curve (TT-rhythm), which permits defining:

a. Optimal for each patient time of the day for carrying out of the procedure;

b. Time of the year for a second course;

c. Periods of exacerbation of the basic disease in order to make preliminary correction, etc.

2. Method for determining the nonspecific adaptation reaction of the organism of the patient, based on analysis of the peripheral blood and its programmed management through activation therapy. Knowledge of the adaptation reaction theory is needed to define the present condition of the patient or the condition he is going to be in, which is important for evaluation of the effectiveness of any method of treatment.

3. The computer reflex-diagnostic complex RISTA-EPD allows to get, by a number of indexes, an integral evaluation of the level of patients health and to determine the zones for optimal SCENAR influence.

4. The medical information-consulting system STRANNIK is based on the original technology of virtual scanning. This system allows not only to evaluate operatively the structure and the function of separate organs, tissues and systems but it also gives information of the regulation aspects of the activity of the studied object and its connections with the other organs and systems.