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Welcome to Scenar Academy of the Scenar founder, the author of multiple Scenar therapy techniques, one of the authers of all Scenar, Rista devices and healing blanket OLM-1 - Professor Alexander Revenko and Dr. Galina Subbotina.

Hundreds of thousands of therapists use Scenar, Rista devices and Blankets. Plenty of information about history of the device development, the way it works and affects patients body, techniques you may find on multiple Web-sites (Reed Section What is Scenar?).

We see our mission in:

1. Introduction of different level teaching programs to practicing therapists and home users of Scenar devices. Even the smartest device will not be efficient enough without elementary understanding of Scenar therapy philosophy, physics of the device, its mechanics and Scenar methodology. Probably no device will be made intelligent enough to treat, choose and adopt settings, zones and intensity of work (as you can read in some commercials). Every man and patient is UNIQUE. On our seminars we teach general treatment rules, understanding of healing philosophy, rules of zones and settings choice regardless of the diagnosis Read Section Scenar Academy.

2. Support our users. We made a special section Support, where we place study and practice lectures, where you can find how to use Scenar and blanket. You may also find our FAQ section useful.

3. New strategy of marketing. We dont just sell a device (you can by a device in a pharmacy, Internet shops, and official distributors). We offer you new kind of relationship between a seller and a buyer. Handing over a device, we are teaching you how to use it (Beginners seminar, Semi-volume textbook on Scenar therapy, training seminar on CD (Power Point presentation), guarantee service and attendance in diagnostics and treatment questions are included).

You are welcome to write or call us on:

Phone: +7 916 33 214 79



Yours faithfully, Alexander Revenko and Galina Subbotina.


On-line Revenko's consultaion

Professor Alexandr Revenko is the leading well-known pioneer of Scenar therapy and one of the inventors of this wonderful technology, "brains" of the device as we say. Whoever have ever brought their patients to see him, well aware that professor is the wizard and always knows what is the best treatment for this or another patient.

However, it is not always physically possible to come and see him. We are now offering online consultations with Professor Revenko via email or Skype. During the consultation, you will have a chance to talk about your challenging patient (or about yourself), explain what have you tried in order to help him/her - bear in mind, this is necessary as you will be able to provide feedback to make treatment plan more individual and efficient.


First SCENAR history
from the inventors

I'd like to share with all of you SCENAR history from the inventors, first real history. You can find a lot of legends in Internet, it is very good, but I think the real history from the people who created and developed SCENAR is the best.

Also my aim was to name all these people!

Now in Germany, next will be English! Thank you dear Inge Horcher, it is excellent work!

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The Green Practice, London, UK (Dr. Lena Subbotina) in partnership with First Class Therapies, Dorking, Surrey, UK (Helen King) has held the very first Advanced Master Class Vet:

Small Animals in Dorking, Surrey, UK on 27th of July 2015.

Workshop has been an amazing experience and involved mastering practical skills along with the theory. We aimed to structure our workshop as Patients' Algorithm Master Class lectured by Prof Revenko last year in Southampton with participation of real patients during the course. We have had 7 "furry" patients with variety on issues.

The Workshop has given to all participants an opportunity to practise and to share SCENAR skills, discuss SCENAR issues and ideas, to build partnership and friendship that someday will grow into a bridge between orthodox and energy health care we hope!

We hope all the students have learnt that by working with SCENAR we can not only rehabilitate but to prevent many chronic and acute issues hence treat them more naturally and safely. We hope to contribute to animals' longevity and well-being.

We are planning to present case studies and observations/questions of our students/therapists on the website and are looking forward to have many more Vet workshops in the near future!

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