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The Netherlands, Gouda, 5-6th June 2015

Level 3 and Level 4 Advanced Master Class is to cover latest updates of working in Diagnostic 1 mode using general zones in principals All Higher and Stereognosis; Advanced principals are to increase responses in difficult, chronic patients. Seminar will be structured as demonstrations of the protocols on real patients.

Seminar's venue address:
Ergotherapie Gouda
Wilhelmina van pruisenlaan 139
2807 KH Gouda
To get in touch with the organizer: Marinka Janssen


Cost is 425 Euros for two days (Cost of the seminar includes seminar`s fees, training materials, lunch, tea/coffee breaks). Hotel of your choice - central located B&B Groeneweg Gouda (Groeneweg, 44, 2801 ZE Gouda) - booking available online through or Hotel Campanille Gouda (Kampenringweg 39-41, 2803 PE, Gouda).

UK, London, 13th June 2015

Exciting new seminar of International SCENAR Academy Revenko! Real animals! We will teach you how to find active zones for treatment and how to extend those into structured treatment plan. We have 7 furry clients lining up for this new fully hands-on workshop. 1 day, ?190; certificate upon completion (basic training required to enrol) to book.

Slovakia, Bratislava, 11-14th June 2015

Alexandr Revenko and dr. Natalia Sabova invite all therapists who are interesting in professional knowledge to their Master Class. Doctor Natalia Sabova specializes in the SCENAR therapy of the most difficult children with genetic, rare and degenerative diseases, she is treating such children for the few years already and has a very big experience and unbelievable results. She is realy a big expert in SCENAR pediatry. Revenko is coming twice a year in January and in June to exam, check, treat and give next recommendations.


Austria, Vienna, 27-28th June 2015

Vienna is one of the most experienced and significant SCENAR city with its bosses - Gerhard Langmann and Michael Hilbrandt! Who are the attractors of SCENAR world. Gerhard Langmann opened for SCENAR so many countries: Austria, Germany, Swiss, Kenia, SA, Australia, France, Slovenia, Slovakia! I don't know any other person with such pure and clear heart and love to SCENAR! Contact

The Annual Conference of the Enerbalance company took place
in Vienna, Austria on 29th to 30th November 2014

Themes of the conference are: Beginning levels of SCT conducted by doctor Gerd Raetzel, Advance level with doctor Galina Subbotina and Master Class with professor Alexandr Revenko.

After thirteen�years of cooperation and friendship we stopped to count how many seminars we did! But every year we do traditional Christmas seminars in beautiful Vienna with our best friends and colleagues, with incredible amount of patients, with Christmas market in Schoenbrunn! Thank you Gerhard Langmann for keeping high standard of education! Marry Christmas!

UK, Enfield, 9th � 10th May 2015

Back pain is a common problem that affects most people at some point in their life. It can be triggered by vast majority of cause that is why local therapy is not always effective. This advanced seminar will help you to learn how to diagnose the primarily reason for back ache and how to apply the correct protocols. It may be triggered by bad posture while sitting or standing, bending awkwardly, or lifting incorrectly. It�s not generally caused by a serious condition. In most cases, back pain will improve in a few weeks or months, although some people experience long-term pain or pain that keeps coming back.

Types of back pain causes to be revised at the seminar

  • a slipped disc � when one of the discs in the spine is damaged and presses on the nerves
  • sciatica � irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve, which causes pain, numbness and
    tingling that travels down one leg
  • whiplash � neck injury caused by a sudden impact
  • frozen shoulder � inflammation around the shoulder that causes pain and stiffness
  • ankylosing spondylitis � a long-term condition that causes pain and stiffness where the spine meets the pelvis
  • Scoliosis - abnormal twisting and curvature of the spine.

Lecturing Professor Alexandr Revenko, International SCENAR Academy Revenko, UK Training School certificate.

for further info.

UK, Enfield, 8th May 2015

Physical and mental wellness play very important roles in your lives. Wellness does not only refer to being physically fit, but also refers to a person's mental state as well. If a person is physically Mental balance can only be achieved if your body is functioning well. You can help relax your own mind and eliminate stresses by following our simple, yet effective, program of self treatment protocols. Increase your professional success rate as a therapist by starting with your own harmony! Lecturing Dr. Galina Subbotina, International SCENAR Academy Revenko.

SCENAR therapy in pediatry, combination with homoeopathy.
Cyprus, Limassol, 14-15 March 2015

We�ve finished pediatrician SCENAR therapy course in Limassol. It was special course for parents who use SCENAR to grow healthy children or to help their children with very difficult, rare and genetic diseases, when orthodox cannot help them. To teach such students you have to have very strong intention, big clinical and SCENAR experience and be very open to answer to all questions, and one more � the students should have strong intention to learn.

We learn the most useful types of application and the most suitable homoeopathy for the each clinical case -- those that improve the energy balance and restore adaptation. We discussed which remedy will be the optimal on the every stage of SCENAR therapy.

Thanks to doctor Jelena Kutsinskaja to organize people and create such special topic for home users.

From 15th to 19th April 2015

We did three different seminars in three different places: beginning, 4 level and Master class of Revenko!

Crimea, Milano and London!

We mixed so much different energies, we met so many amazing people, we re-build our SCENAR world! Thanks everybody, thanks our friends who organized our seminars; Theo Constantinou (Enfield, UK), Massimo Soffientini (Milano, Italy) and Elena Golovanova (Gurzuf, Crimea)!

Please see many photos from there in our photo gallery.

Feed back from Milano seminar

Milan is the best combination of energy, SCENAR people, interesting topics of our seminars, Massimo Soffientini and his friends. Such concentrate energy of talanted and beautiful people, pure energy and Italian sun, food and vine!!! Let's go to Italy! The most important we learn very hard and very productive!

Dear friends! You are welcome to new seminar "Patients Algorithm" with Professor Revenko! 14, 15 and 16 �f November 2014 in Nicosia, Cyprus

Professor Revenko performs initial consultations with following treatment and future plan creation with life dynamic patients (Spine injury, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, children with Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy, Spastic Tetraplegia Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Gastrostoma).

You can learn SCENAR in the most simple, effective way � listening philosophy and training your skills from the source, from the heart of SCENAR medicine � from professor Alexandr Revenko!

Seminar in Russian with English translation. For reservation and information call:
+357 96703575 (Jelena) or email:

Report from the Conference in Milan, October 2014

First of all, I would like to personally thank Massimo Soffientini for giving such a fantastic opportunity to attend Third level of SCENAR education program to all the participants and to myself. 19 SCENAR therapists, physiotherapists from all over Italy were present.

Fascinating seminar with plenty of opportunities to discuss classic issues and also to learn new approaches to classic protocols created by Yura Gorfinkel and Sasha Revenko. Many classic and new protocols were discussed and practiced, some of them addressed to pain related issues, energy flow disturbances (Waves, Big and Small Crosses, variety of Spiral protocols, Craniotherapy) and many more! I found it a very rewarding and educational experience, it has also given to me some new thoughts on how to alter my Design seminar to perfection!

Thank you to all and I look forward to seeing you all very soon! See Italian SCENAR Academy website:

See photos from the seminar >>

Feed back of Energy seminar, Moscow, 25-26th September, 2014

We completed another (it was the third) energy seminar which gave us not only new methods and modes, but the most important thing - we've been at the birth of a new stage in the development of Scenar, the new trend in the energy and vibrational medicine! Like any science (if it is a science), SCENAR should develop (we grow and gain experience and SCENAR grows and moves to the next level). Yura Gorfinkel was dreamed about it and started to work on these techniques, but several times he tested us, whether we are ready to understand and accept new SCENAR medicine or not and always regretted his wish to give us new energetic seminar saying - * No one ready*. And finally Revenko did it and probably it will allow us to enter a new level of understanding, a new level of interaction with the patient, the disease, the universe! With each patient (we studied techniques on real patients), we all felt a new vibration, feeling, then comes comprehension, understanding, willingness to work! SCENAR therapy can not be stable for many years (the basic principle of SCT is dynamic) and is not possible to teach and treat our patients by historical methods. Yes, it's great to us general zones, yes - Digital techniques are necessary, but they must be changed and developed too, we learned new principles of comparison of responses, new principles of decision-making, the new zone. The most important in SCT is your energy and the energy of the patient, not the settings and zones from different books, TCM, Su-Jok, etc. Dear Friends, Learn and Learn!

See photos >>

Report of Gouda seminar, 5-6th September 2014

We finished Practical seminar of professor Revenko with real patients.

Few responses from seminar:

Marii Donohoe:

Back from Gouda, Holland where we did the 1st European Scenar Master class with Prof. Revenko & Dr. Galina Subbotina. We all learnt so much! Hope we can do more classes like this soon! For those who missed this class, you missed a Master in action, working on real patients, with many varied complaints. Thank you all so much, also to Marinka Janssen for organising this event.

We learnt special energy protocol and called them Massimo, because it was done on Massimo, I thought I'd put Massimo Soffientini 'protocol' on wall in my clinic---the ENERGY IS AMAZING ( even a picture of protocol changes the ENERGY).

Marinka Janssen:

Thank you all for coming and thanks Sasha and Galina you were incredible again! Made all patients and me very happy!

Energy was so high that even Dutch television called me on Monday if they can do a topic about SCENAR therapy!!?? They said they heard it is not so well known yet but very effective!!

Steve Sapseid:

Two amazing days in Gouda, Holland, with some amazing Russians, wonderful Dutch, lovely Latvians, Irish lady and Massimo the Italian! If you have not experienced watching Sasha at work with real patients then you have not experienced SCENAR. An incredible insight in: how to deal with your clients and treat them correctly. The Master excelled. Thank you Sasha. Looking forward to the next Master class.

Massimo Soffientini:

Yes it is - two incredible days !!! The atmosphere ... the energy and the work of Sasha have been fantastic! Thank you all...

Ieva Krekovska:

I was very happy to meet another part of big SCENAR family! Just together we are power! :) Love you all! Marii, you are amazing! Thank you for your advices, hope to get in touch soon!

See photos here >>

Bratislava regular seminar of SCENAR Academy
of professor Revenko took a place in June on 14-15th 2014

Twice a year professor Revenko and doctor Subbotina make their classes in Bratislava. This year we made two seminars: Cosmetology and Woman health. Professor Revenko treated doctor Sabova�s patients who are children with rare, genetic, neurological diseases. Every time our Slovakian seminars bring us into the big energy, the feeling of fluctuations into equilibrium of all our students and collective structural processes highly susceptible to external-field influences. Bratislava is a podium for the development of many future topics and protocols, experimental methods and techniques.

See photos >>

SCENAR Academy summer practice in Latvia,
Jurkalne, Imantas, 1-6 th June 2014

Annual summer practice this year was in Latvia. It was our small jubilee, 5th Summer Practice.

First of all our thanks go to the conference organizers (Una Brosova family and friends) for making this valuable opportunity to all of us. Most certainly we built a new world, interconnected world. The responses which we received show that we can achieve a new level, a new capacity in our development. Our topics based on our experience, we explained different areas of SCENAR therapy: Sport, Stroke, Pediatry, Gynecology, Oncology, Scoliosis. WE made new event of presentation by our participants their abilities and skills in many different alternative healing areas. We were overwhelmed by other events: visiting farm and historical bakery, organization of leisure of children, blues concert, sea activities and ....amazing Baltic weather.

Huge photo album better to see in web site of SCENAR Baltic and a bit photo from us.

Southampton, UK "Design of SCENAR course"
seminar is finished, it took a place on 7-8th May 2014

Such an amazing course! Just the right people with the right energy, absolutely ideal seminar!

Response: I was thinking all the time - how could you give any suggestions to anyone asking re/treatment strategy if they haven't completed this particular seminar? The people just so out of tune with the whole idea of Scenar therapy! So many people mentioned this as a FB and I agree - this course should be a compulsory! As someone suggested "little cleanse and 3 pathways" just not going to work - I feel like I know so much more! The scheme created by Professor Revenko and doctor Galina Subbotina is fantastic - really, really good seminar! Looking forward to see all the participants of Design Scenar course this Wednesday! We will talk more about the strategy.

Also many people said about amazing atmosphere during our dinner in a stunning Thai restaurant located in Southampton Port and overlooks the seafront!

See photos >>

First SCENAR Equus seminar took a place in Kent, UK on 19-20th April, 2014.

We said in Russia: First step is the hardest! Our certified trainers- dr.Elena Subbotina and Jill Hicks made first Equus SCENAR training, which took a place with real horses, the program consists of many different topics, include anatomy and physiology, holistic vet, regular reasons like wrong saddle, conformation, specific bitting requirements etc.

Our trainers gave to students a lot of practical advises, the presentation was made so professional with amazing pictures and text. Also we�d like to express a big gratitude to our friend and college Steve Sapseid for the video clip and few posters on oncoming training. Our trainers have been so excited with their first training that forgot about photo report.

See photos here >>

Cosmetology and DSCT by Dr. Subbotina Galina

Massimo Soffientini (our certified trainer in Italy) said: Thank you very much Gala from all of us! Everyone fell in love with Galina..... Everyone are fascinated for your energy for your passion and generosity with which transmit your knowledge. You're a fantastic teacher and an extraordinary person, and this group in Italy is growing up thanks to your help.

See photos in our photo gallery >>

Congratulation Dr. Subbotina Elena and Dr. Jill Hick!

They are the first professional worldwide Organization - Euquine SCENAR Training authourised by professor A.Revenko.

For those of you looking at the new training courses, take a look at an introduction to Equus SCENAR Training...

More details: , ,
Lena: 07572 908 372
Gill: 07789963891

Announcement of the book "We say Revenko - we mean SCENAR
or Stories about Sasha as told by his friends"

In the Crimean publish house "Philanthropist" we published the book, dedicated to the 60th anniversary of A. Revenko, which primarily has been designed as a gift for the anniversary of our beloved Master and Man.

Each chapter opens with a text of expressive examples, stories and author's comments on the background of design decoration. Also in the book you will find a lot of unique and interesting information about the creative way of A. Revenko. Each story is in Russian and English.

The publishing was scheduled for January 4, 2014. Edition is limited (only 300 copies) and will continue to be determined by the number of applications received. Estimated price is 30 Eur. Please send applications by email:

See more information about the book >>

The report of the workshop "SCENAR in sports medicine", which took a place in the United Kingdom, Essex, 28-29 October 2013. Now that the event is over there is very important to get feedback from the participants. We publish several reviews of the 39 participants of this seminar. Read more >>

Jubilee world tour "Revenko-60"!

Many our friends wanted and asked us to prepare special tour to visit character SCENAR places special on the eve of 60-years Jubilee of Revenko. We started to talk about it directly after Taganrog conference 2012, we talked where we want to go, which place we want to visit, who we want to see to share such event. In March 2013 we did it.

And now we are ready to announce this event, because we cannot put off any more, because one our friend told us her �dream comes true� which is close to our preparing event. And she told us about our plan. Read more >>

Next UK SCENAR Masterclass Seminar: SCENAR and Sports Therapy
Dates: 28th - 29th October 2013
Location: The Holiday Inn Express Hotel, Newbury Park, Essex, UK.

(The hotel is easily accessible by tube and from London airports)

Accomodation: A special room rate is available at the Holiday Inn Express.
Cost: 320GBP. This includes lunch, refreshments and training materials.

This 2-day seminar teaches methods and protocols for working with the musculoskeletal system, which is responsible for posture and movement and (together with the skin system) is one of the most important feedback mechanisms of the body.

This seminar is for therapists who work with amateur or professional athletes, and is also recommended for therapists who treat people with locomotor problems (e.g. Parkinsons disease, multiple sclerosis etc.).

This course is for therapists who have completed Level 1 and 2 SCENAR training.

2 day seminar outline:

  • SCENAR Therapy in sports medicine
  • Classification of sports injuries
  • SCENAR Therapy methods for acute and chronic injuries, including:
    Fractures; Muscle pain; Spasm and cramps; Tendonitis (carpal tunnel
    syndrome, tennis elbow, ACL) Head injuries and Back injuries.

For more information and to reserve a place at this seminar, please contact:
Debra Graham.   Tel: 020 8500 0662 or 07956 624022

For people who think beyond the ideas of orthodox medicine. The Pain solution for your patients and your practice. SCENAR TRAINING Held in Dallas / Fort Worth, October 17-20, 2013 with the Best World Teachers !

Dr. Revenko creator of SCENAR technology coming very soon !

Tomatex LLC offers chiropractor practitioners an opportunity to enhance their skills and reach better results treating patients suffering from a variety of disorders. We would like to introduce to you SCENAR technology. Originally this technology was created as a part of Russian space research program. RITMSCENAR� is an advanced form of electrotherapy.

SCENAR therapy functions on two physiological principles: that the body has its own healing capabilities and that it is continually employing processes of self-regulation to maintain health. RITMSCENAR� has been cleared by the FDA for use in treating Chronic & Acute Pain. TOMATEX LLC represents SCENAR Academy (Russia) on the US territory.

Through our efforts, RITMSCENAR� is becoming more and more popular in the US. The time for our fall RITMSCENAR� seminar with Dr. Alexander Revenko (the founder of the SCENAR� medicine) is almost upon us! As usual, we will be happy to see our returning colleagues, as well as a host of new participants. Everybody will benefit from this exclusive event, as always happens when Dr. Revenko shares his knowledge and expertise with us. Attending our seminars present a rare, valuable opportunity to learn from the leader; to ask him questions that no one else can answer; to receive advice that no one else is qualified to offer.

Our participants frequently bring their most difficult patients to get help and advice from Dr. Revenko, which we encourage you to do. Training consists of several session (you can choose any one you are interested in or all of them) and will take place in Arlington, TX, on October 17 � 20, 2013.


Latvia, Sigulda, 26-28th July, 2013

From the 26. to 28. of july, in Latvia, a Sauna Festival took place in one of the countries most loved and beautiful city - Sigulda, in the guest house by the name of Bruveri. For two whole days, attendants of the festival could enjoy many types of saunas from Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Belarussia, healing procedures, various types of massages and several beauty procedures, all for a small fee.

Scenar Baltic therapists (Una Brosova) articipated too, healing and diagnosing throughout the festival. We worked with the Nakatani diagnostics wich was followed up by half an hour of suitable procedures. There were three Scenar tents with total of seven therapists. For most of the therapists there was little time to enjoy for themselves, because the steram of people never quite stopped. After long hours of work the saunas attendants came to Scenar tents for rehabilitation. Despite the variety of available procedures, the most sought-after was pain removal.

Nevertheless the work, everyone enjoyed the event, the saunas and themselves, and is waiting for the next year. If you would like to see a bit from this amazing festival for yourself, here�s the link!

Scenar Therapy of Women�s Health
NYC 29-30 June 2013

Dear All

Tomatex LLC is pleased to invite all SCENAR practitioners who are interested in further professional development to attend the annual SCENAR Training held in New York City.

The topic of the coming training is �Scenar Therapy for Women�s Health�.

You have a rare opportunity to meet with Dr. Subbotina (Scenar Academy) in person. Dr. GALINA SUBBOTINA, the wife and research colleague of the renowned and world famous Prof. Revenko, one of the co-inventers of the Scenar therapy, is a qualified pediatrician, classical homeopath, reflexology therapist, physiotherapist, Scenar Therapist since 1994 and the chief trainer of the Scenar-Academy in Moscow.

Dr. Galina Subbotina will teach you effective techniques to use in many common, as well as unusual situations in your practice.

  • This course will encompass the application of RITM SCENAR� treatment
    strategies for painful health complaint and for complaints specific to women;
  • Techniques of beauty, skin care, weight loss, Scar and of lifting;
  • We can use these rules to build and construct an effective SCENAR course.

Certificate of attendance issued at completion of course.

Cost $650.00

Training will take place in Better Health Chiropractic Clinic on June 29-30th, 2013.

Lectures and hands-on activities are scheduled from 8:00 am till 5:00 pm.

SPANA Members and Scenar therapists from abroad are welcome to attend the event.
We believe this important SCENAR event will help all participants to gain new knowledge and techniques that will enhance their professional skills.

We look forward to meeting you at the SCENAR Training in NYC!


Dr. Alex M. Eingorn�s office is conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan,
Theatre District Better Health Chiropractic, P.C.
825 Seventh Avenue @ 53rd St New York, NY 10019
Phone: 212-956-5920

Organizer Tomatex, LLC    1- 989-272-3627   

Scenar therapy of scoliosis

  • Diagnostics of scoliosis
  • SCENAR experience
  • Examination, special points of examination
  • Special protocols
  • 2 triangles
  • Dynamic wings
  • Pyramid
  • Parabertebral horizontals
  • Force lines


Massimo Soffientini, Milano, Italy,        



We arrange informational sessions, seminars and training where leading specialists in SCENAR therapy present innovative methods of SCENAR technology, the latest devices and additions to them, as well as answer questions and address concerns of the participants.

You have a unique opportunity to meet with Dr. Subbotina (co-founder of the Scenar Academy) in person. Training will take place in the Better Health Chiropractic Clinic on April 27th � 28th, 2013.

Lectures and hands-on sessions from 8:00 am � 5:00 pm

Courses we offer:   EXPERT TECHNOLOGY: SCENAR therapy for SCOLIOSIS treatment.

  • Practical recommendations and execution of all stages of SCENAR procedure for the SCOLIOSIS issues
  • Diagnostics of scoliosis
  • SCENAR experience
  • Examination, special points of examination
  • Special protocols: 2 triangles, Dynamic wings, Pyramid, Paravertebral horizontals, Force lines

We believe this important SCENAR event will help all participants to enhance their knowledge and gain new techniques to apply in their practice.

Location: Dr. Alex M. Eingorn�s office is conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan,
Better Health Chiropractic, P.C.
825 Seventh Avenue @ 53rd St New York, NY 10019
Phone: 212-956-5920

Organizer Tomatex, LLC 1- 989-272-3627   

See the flyer in PDF format >>

See our photo gallery >>

A Facebook group for Scenar therapists

Dear Scenar therapist, we have recently created a Facebook group page for Scenar therapists worldwide. The purpose is to connect all Scenar therapists and to share information. The first members are Galina Subbotina, Debra Graham from England, Herma de Bruyn and Nancy de Vos from the Netherlands.

If you are on Facebook and would like to join the group page, please do so, so we can connect!

The group is called Scenar Team International.

We look forward to meeting you on the web!

Essex 2013

Hi everyone, I hope that you are all well and happy and have all got off to a good start in 2013.

I wanted to let you know the dates for the next seminars with Professor Revenko and Dr. Galina Subbotina so you can put them in your diary. At last Professor Revenko is coming to teach the SCENAR and animals seminar!

13th May 2013 � SCENAR and Animals seminar presented by Professor Revenko (Dr. Galina Subbotina will translate). This is a one day seminar where you will be taught the correct techniques to use when working with animals. This seminar is suitable for SCENAR professionals and SCENAR users with home devices.

14th � 15th May � How to design and carry out a complete course of SCENAR Treatments presented by Dr Galina Subbotina. This two day seminar will show you how construct a course of treatments from start to finish and will teach you several new techniques and protocols to add to your repertoire! Galina shows a new approach to working with SCENAR and this course will give you much more confidence when working with your patients. This is an advanced seminar for SCENAR professionals who have completed levels 1 and 2, it is not suitable for home users. This course is particularly recommended for those of you who attended the level 3 training last year.

16th May � Home Users Self � Treatment Training presented by Dr Galina Subbotina. This one day workshop is for people who have bought home devices for self � treatment. Galina will teach you many new and simple protocols to help you get the most from your SCENAR device. This workshop is also suitable for professional SCENAR therapists who sell home devices to their patients and who want to be able to train them to use their devices effectively. Please do pass on this workshop information to any of your patients who you think would be interested in attending this training, and ask them to contact me.

At present I am still confirming the venue and prices and I will contact you as soon as I can with these details.

Please would you let me know as soon as possible which seminars you would like to attend, as places will be limited, and I will reserve places for you.

Do let me know if you need any more information about the courses. I look forward to seeing you again in May.

Warmest regards

T: 07956 624022 or 020 8500 0662

Treating common illnesses and constructing a SCENAR course


We arrange informational sessions, seminars and trainings where leading specialists in SCENAR therapy present innovative methods of SCENAR technology, latest devices and additions to them, as well as answer questions and address concerns of the participants.

You have a unique opportunity to meet with Dr. Subbotina (Scenar Academy) in person. Training will take place in Better Health Chiropractic Clinic on February 22th� 24th, 2013. Lectures and hands-on 8:00 am � 5:00 pm.

More information >>

The conference in Taganrog

The conference of "20th year Jubilee of SCENAR seminars and international trainings" took a place in the birthplace of SCENAR in Taganrog from 1stto 5th December 2012.

Read a journal of this event Our Taganrog Experience 1�5th December 2012 >>

And see photo gallery >>.

Also visit a website to see more photos.

Congratulations Dr. Elena Subbotina!

Elena Subbotina in the end of 2012 year was awarded by mayor of Southampton, UK with 3 years dedication and commitment as a volunteer in Southampton University Hospital.

Congratulations our German colleagues!

Congratulations our German colleagues with 10 years jubilee of SCENAR seminars in Germany!

See Photo Gallery - Dresden, october 2012.



Dr. Revenko
16-17 October 2012

Upgraded to assist the therapist in treating embedded chronic and difficult conditions During the two day training Dr. Revenko will present holographic techniques in SCENAR therapy, special practices, �zero� acceleration techniques along with the practical demonstration. These advanced techniques can be used in addition to the basic methods.

Dr. Revenko
18-19 October 2012
Neurological pain. Master Class,

Classification of neurological pain- Neuropathic pain Strangulation pain (tunnel syndrome, 4-th plantar nerve)Trigeminal neuralgia, Meninges pain, Muscular psoas syndrome, Syndrome spine artery, Ganglionitis, Headaches, Lumbago

Dr. Revenko
20-21 October 2012

Protocols for self-treatment with SCENAR

Topics: main principles to build and choose: zones, electrodes and methods for self-treatments, special protocols to treat cold, flu, CFS, spine pain, migraine. Special protocols: stars, crosses, rainbow, different types of 3P6P, face methods, Mary and Michal (many different positions and zones), Du-Mai and Ren-Mai protocols, Diag-5 for self-treatment.

Dr. Revenko
21 October 2012

Seminars for Trainers of SCENAR Academy SCENAR "Train the Trainer" To certify SCENAR trainers. (on invitation only)

For more details

Report on Dr. Galina Subbotina Seminar and Lecture In Ireland April 2012

In April this year the SPSI ran a very successful three day Scenar Seminar featuring the internationally renowned Scenar expert and chief Scenar Trainer at the Revenko Scenar Academy in Moscow; Dr. Galina Subbotina.

On Friday April 20th Dr. Galina presented a very successful Public Lecture on Scenar Therapy in the Metropole Hotel in Cork City. Dr. Galina gave a basic overview on Scenar Therapy and how it works to regulate and restore the human body back to its natural state of homeostasis. She also explained to the large and fascinated audience that the human being is in reality a vast network or matrix of interconnected energy through which all the trillion cells, which make up our physical body are energized. Scenar Therapy utilizes this network to restore health and well being to the human body.

Dr. Galina also explained the importance of allowing the body to heal itself whenever and wherever possible. On Sat. 21st and Sun. 22nd Dr. Galina gave a two day Scenar Master Class to the members of the SPSI. The chief focus and topic of this special Master Class was �Scenar Therapy and Pediatrics�. Dr. Galina presented various excellent Scenar techniques and procedures to help in the treatment of Children of all ages from newborn to teenagers.

In addition to this special focus on Pediatrics, Dr. Galina also presented some very important and useful concepts that are essential to any practicing Scenar and Holistic Therapist. These concepts included Reckeweg�s Table of Homeotoxicology, Hering�s Three Laws of Healing, the Body�s Natural Adaptive Regulation System, and connected to this, the concept of Homeostasis.

It was a weekend to remember. Dr. Galina proved to be a powerful and inspiring teacher over the three days and all our members were energized and motivated to continue to bring healing and well-being to all our clients.

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